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Last Thursday, with a 27-foot surf warning in place, a driver headed out along a pier at Humboldt Bay in California to enjoy the show.

He did not drive back.


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A compilation of storm force fails and Hurricane Sandy-heavy gaffes by News Be Funny including our own, now legendary Teresa ‘Don’t Swim In The Sea’ Mannion.



A huge thunderhead above the Pacific Ocean south of Panama, recently shot from the cockpit of a Boeing 767-300 flying at an altitude of 11.27km by Equador Airlines pilot Santiago Borja.

Last year, he captured something similar over the coast of Venezuela (below).


More of his images here.



Met Éireann National Weather Warnings

storm-3 storm-4 storm-2
Supercell thunderstorms photoshopped (possibly using witchcraft) into rotation from single photographs (not video) by weather photographer Mike Hollingshead.

More here.


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A dramatic timelapse of severe weather events filmed last month in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado by photographer Nicolaus Wegner.