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alive1 alive2

Grantham Street, Dublin

Before (top) and after (above this morning).

Meg writes:

Thought ye might be interested in the makeover of the “U R Alive” mural [by street artist Maser] on Grantham Street, which normally reminds us to “avail of this once in a lifetime opportunity”. Brightened up my Monday morning hugely!



Thanks Der


‘Singers Corner’ Washington Street and Grand Parade, Cork

Gregory Higgins writes:

The people of Cork have had something very special to look at over the last number of weeks thanks to Johnny Bugler of Cork Printmakers [and artists Conall Cary, Fiona Kelly, Dominic Fee and Cathal Duane]. They have transformed Singers Corner [Johnny drew his inspiration from the old black sewing machines Singer’s Sewing Shop once sold below] and this very cool video (above) shows the transformation….

djerbahood-mural-art-project-erriadh-tunisia-3 djerbahood-mural-art-project-erriadh-tunisia-4 djerbahood-mural-art-project-erriadh-tunisia-9 djberbahood6Dan23francedjerbahood-mural-art-project-erriadh-tunisia-16 djerbahood-mural-art-project-erriadh-tunisia-18 djerbahood-mural-art-project-erriadh-tunisia-20 djerbahood-mural-art-project-erriadh-tunisia-22
Scenes from Djerbahood – a festival curated by Tunisian-French artist Mehdi Ben Cheikh at the ancient multicultural (Christian, Muslim and Jewish) village of Erriadh on the Tunisian island of Djerba.

Last July and August, 150 artists from 30 countries were invited to leave their mark on the walls of the town, symbolising connections with the outside world.