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Waves off the Nantucket Coast of Massachusetts, which experienced a  -11°C cold snap this week, rendered into a slush of rolling ice (and a sluggish break for surfer Jamie Briard) snapped by Jonathan Nimerfroh.


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He spreads easily

Some Friday afternoon energy drink sponsored GNARL?

Oh go on then.

Chris Binns writes:

“These two hairy-chested specimens [Andrew Cotton and Hugo Vau] put the man into hellman, and were at it again last week taming the spectacular tubes of Mullaghmore, Ireland.”

Do you want Mullaghmore? Ireland goes large (Red Bull)

Thanks Colm O’R


An award-winning gnarlathon of surf footage from Hawaii’s legendary North Shore commended by ubiquitous extreme sport sponsor GoPro for its ‘cinematography, degree of difficulty of shooting, perspective, overall beauty and lighting’.



Surfers in Mullaghmore last Saturday and Sunday.

Billabong Europe writes:

[Saturday] was the biggest and meanest of the weekend, 40 to 50-feet faces, snow, rain, crazy strong winds – what you would expect from Ireland’s weather in the middle of the winter. Locals were charging and calling it the best day of the winter, Sancho [Benjamin Sanchis] was the stand-out surfer catching wave after wave and surfing them with style and precision.

What about this Saturday?




Mulla0 Mulla1 Mulla2 Mulla3 Mulla4

Scenes of Mullaghmore [Co Sligo] surf yesterday afternoon by Darren Carr.

‘Bodacious’ scarcely comes close.

Mullaghmore Big Wave Surfers

World-class surfers arrive on Irish west coast to catch big waves (Irish Times)