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Still images of water photographed by Ray Collins, transformed into mesmerising animated cinemagraphs by Rotterdam-based photographer Armand Dijcks.

Full screen for optimum effect.

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WarrenKeelan_Congeal WarrenKeelan_Gyroscope WarrenKeelan_Kryptonite WarrenKeelan_Mountainside WarrenKeelan_SeaSnake WarrenKeelan_SilverHelix WarrenKeelan_Undulate

Spectacular shots of waves in natural light on the New South Wales coast by Australian photographer Warren Keelan. Sez he:

I’ve always had a fascination with nature, especially the ocean and its ever changing forms, and I am compelled to capture and share what I feel are special and unique moments in the sea. I love the raw, unpredictable nature of water in motion and the way sunlight brings it all to life, from both above and below the surface. For me, the challenge is creating an image that hopefully tells a story or leaves an impression on the viewer.


Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 14.45.18

An eye candiful promo for the ‘night surfing’ experience on offer at Wavegarden surf park in Northern Spain featuring the atmospherically lit waterborne shenanigans of  former European surf champion Vincent Duvignac, big wave surfers Natxo Gonzalez and Axi Muniain, Zarautz and local surfer Asier Maqueda.


Sea what they did there..


An award-winning gnarlathon of surf footage from Hawaii’s legendary North Shore commended by ubiquitous extreme sport sponsor GoPro for its ‘cinematography, degree of difficulty of shooting, perspective, overall beauty and lighting’.