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BkJdBSFIQAAQAxl[Jack Russell Thor, used as bait in an illegal dog fight]

“The Dog Action Welfare Group, which highlighted Thor’s plight, said he has a long journey ahead of him. “Sometimes in rescue, it seems like we are beyond shocking, our hearts are so fragmented as we witness more and more neglect, abuse, and indifference,” spokesperson Margaret Twohig said.
“But irrespective of how many broken and battered dogs come to us to make their lives whole again we are never failed to be touched at how they react to human kindness — they bear no grudges.”
She said the sheer number of animals being abandoned, dumped, and coming into rescue centres across the country is overwhelming and she called for tougher animal cruelty laws”

Little Thor suffers in ‘one of the most appalling cases of animal cruelty’ (Eoin English, Irish Examiner)

Pic via Eoin English