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Gabriel Dawe is one of nine artists commissioned to create ‘room sized’ works for the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery in Washington this year.

This 5.8m hight work, stretching from the floor to the ceiling of the gallery and entitled ‘Plexus A1’, uses  9.7 kilometers of polyester sewing thread in 15 colours to represent the full spectrum of visible light.

Now for you.


This is embroidery.

Figurative artist Cayce Zavaglia applies her experience as a painter to these unbelievably detailed portraits. Each one begins with a photoshoot of between 100 and 150 shots of the subject, from which she chooses the best, then recreates it on a 20 x 25cm Belgian linen canvas with one-ply embroidery thread.

The shots above are from both sides of the same canvases.