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‘Memory Palace’ by London based artist and stage designer Ed Devlin – a huge bamboo carved landscape reflected by large scale mirrors at Pitzhanger Gallery in London.

Visitors are invited to roam around a 3D history map featuring representations of dozens of momentous events from the first cave paintings to Copernicus’ heliocentric map of the universe.

Mind your step.


(From top: ’Lonely Tree’ by David Hall; ‘Red Velvet’ by Helen Bradshaw; ‘Invisible Paris’ by Pierre-Louis Ferrer; ‘Utah’ by Luciano Demasi; ‘Tectonic’ by Matthew Stuart Piper; ’Hong Kong: The Golden City’ by Tran Minh Dung; ‘Zabriskie’ by Beamie Young and ’The Watchman’ by Blake Rudis.)

Winners of an inaugural Infrared Photography contest organised by online store and e-learning site Kolari Vision which invited submissions thus:

What changes when we switch to infrared, and which things remain constant? What beauty lies in the light that our eyes can’t see?

See all the winners here.


The Prachov Rocks natural reserve, 5km west of Jičín in the Czech Republic – a spectacularly beautiful sandstone plateau that will be curiously familiar to wanderers of to the mystical RPG vistas of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Pictures 1 and 2 are from the game, the rest are real.

(Pix: Steve Coleman)