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A composite image of the central crowded starfields and cosmic dust clouds of the Milky Way overlaid with a separate deep exposure of some Space X shenanigans. To wit:

In the scene from Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, a nine minute long exposure begun about 20 minutes after the Milky Way image recorded a rocket launch and landing. The Falcon 9 rocket, named for the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars fame, appropriately launched a Dragon resupply ship to the International Space Station in the early morning hours of May the 4th. The plume and flare at the peak of the launch arc mark the rocket’s first stage boost back burn. Two shorter diagonal streaks are the rocket engines bringing the Falcon 9 stage back to an offshore landing on autonomous drone ship Of course I Still Love You.

(Image: Devin Boggs)


In 1949, Pablo Picasso was introduced to LIFE magazine photographer Gjon Mili, who showed the artist his shots of ice skaters jumping in the dark with lights fixed to their skates.

Fascinated, Picasso conceived a series of light drawings created with a small electric light shot by two separate cameras.

MORE: Pablo Picasso’s Light Drawings From 1949 (designboom)

(Hat tip: Aaron McAllorum)