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A scene from V/H/S, Co-written and directed by Irish filmmaker Glenn McQuaid (I
Sell the Dead, The Last Winter). We hope to have a trailer later today.

Glenn and the rest of the V/H/S crew are in Sundance lapping up this kind of coverage:

What’s scarier: ethereal creatures lurking in your bedroom at night or the thought of sitting through another “found footage” horror film? The cabal of independent filmmakers behind “V/H/S,” which tore the roof off of Sundance’s Library theater at its midnight debut, might have trouble answering that one. And like all good artists, they’ve confronted their fear.

The Horror Anthology Set to Take The World By Storm (IFC)


If you’ve grown tired of the gimmickry and diminishing quality of “found footage” horror, Sundance’s Midnight program just delivered the cure: V/H/S, an anthology film comprised of shorts by six up-and-coming horror/indie filmmakers, each working within the parameter that their story be told via found media. The Devil Inside this ain’t; V/H/S is fresh and pulse-quickening to the end, one of the best discoveries of this year’s fest.

Found Footage Horror Anthology V/H/S Thrills at Midnight (Movieline)

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