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The original demo of ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon discovered in 2016 during a trawl of the Lennon archives by engineer Rob Stevens, who sez:

“There’s a one-inch eight-track that says nothing more on the ‘Ascot Sound’ label than John Lennon, the date, and the engineer (Phil McDonald), with DEMO on the spine. No indication of what material was on the tape. One delicate transfer to digital later, the “Imagine” demo, subsequently enhanced superbly by Paul Hicks, appears within this comprehensive set. It was true serendipity.”

Compare with the (remastered) studio version.


Tape by Vienna/Zagreb-based artist collective Numen: one of four exhibits for ‘Drawing In Space’ at the Des Moines Art Centre in Iowa, featuring artists working exclusively in the medium of tape.

Yes, tape.

The installation, consisting of clear packing tape suspended from the walls of the gallery, invites visitors to explore it from within, as long as they move clockwise in their socks.

Shelob lurking just out of shot.



Blank Tape, a documentary on the return of cassette as a leading physical format in experimental electronic music.

Writes Anton Spice:

Rather than make a film about the so-called “tape revival”, we wanted to hear from the makers themselves to understand what it is about tape that remains so attractive. It features labels like Sacred Tapes, Tesla Tapes and Astro:Dynamics, Warp distributors Bleep and producers Helm and Ekoplekz whose music has sprung the underground to find a home on PAN and Planet Mu.


The Vinyl Factory




Last night, Vincent Browne played the Michael Lowry tape from his flash new studio.

On the panel were Sam Smyth, Elaine Byrne and Conor Ryan.

Browne, Smyth, and Byrne have all had legal proceedings set against them by Denis O’Brien.

And it is surely only a matter of time before Ryan gets a ‘letter’.

Listen to the expletive-laden Lowry phonecall here (go to 14.10)..

Via Michael Lowry Facebook