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The Apprehension Engine – an instrument for generating sounds for horror movies, designed by composer Mark Korven (who was tired of digital sampling and wanted something more experimental and acoustic) and constructed by guitar maker Tony Duggan Smith. Korven sez:

A normal instrument, you are playing it and expecting it to have a sound that is pleasing but with an instrument like this, the goal is to produce sounds, that in this case, are disturbing.

Here’s the full effect…


Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 03.08.19

Unedited Footage Of A Bear – an ‘infomercial’ from Adult Swim in which a mildly annoying YouTube ad descends into an increasingly nightmarish tale of doppelgängers and unexplained neighbourhood crimes.

Directed by visual/performance artist Alan Resnick and multimedia artist/comedian Ben O’Brien.

You cannot skip ad. None of us can.