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Behold: the Eco-Floating Hotel, designed by Turkish design studio Hayri Atak Architectural, soon to be located in the Persian Gulf off Qatar.

Powered by solar panels and wind turbines, desalinating and purifying seawater for use onsite, the hotel’s circular volume rotates once every 24 hours – generating power via tidal energy. The glass vortex-shaped roof of the 35,000m² structure doubles as a ‘rainwater collection’ system for greenery.

The project is due for completion in 2025.



Dublin City Council has approved a 224-bedroom hotel at Molyneux Yard in the Liberties, Dublin 8.

Directly behind the Vicar Street concert venue.

Which is also being redeveloped…

…into an hotel.

Good times.

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Luxury ‘tree suites’ in a forest near the Austrian town of Kitzbühel designed by Milan based studio Peter Pichler Architecture (you’ll recall Peter’s Dolomite treehouses). 

Envisioned as part of a new ‘7-star hotel resort’, the 60-80m³ cabins and their exoskeleton trestles are made from locally sourced wood. Accessed by glass elevator straight from the forest floor, each has a bedroom, bathroom, living room, sauna and balcony overlooking the pine forest canopy.



Merrion Street, Dublin 2.

Susan McCarthy writes:

The Mont Hotel, previously Mont Clare hotel is coming to the end of a 10-month transformation and has sought the help of a 4-legged candidate to be on lobby pawtrol when the hotel opens its doors.

Introducing our Guest Relations Pawfficer; Monty (above)

After hours of tough negotiations with Urska Radanovic (top), The Mont hotel manager, it was agreed that Monty’s remuneration consists of at least 1000 rubs per week and daily treats.

She is now busy pupparing for the opening of The Mont making sure the final details are pawfect….


The Mont

The proposed Vicar Street Hotel in the Liberties has already received planning permssion

The “Rock and Room” is said to be a package of tickets/room/meal and membership of a new private club on the hotel’s 8th floor with views out over the city and direct access to the venue.

The redevelopment will see the main stage moved to allow an extra 500 seats.

Peter Aiken, who has promoted shows at Vicar Street since its opening, said, “We are delighted to be involved with such an innovative scheme which will bring a new experience to our clients where they can relax after a show and not worry about getting home.”


Vicar Street set to go “Rock and Room” with new hotel (RTÉ)

Top pic; Wikipedia

Launched last month at the Monaco Yacht Show: the 120m Sinot Nature superyacht. – a geometric boutique hotel on water with spa deck, gym, dining room, sea-level swimming pool, two levels of floor-to-ceiling windows, luxury accommodation for eighteen guests and a spacious owner’s quarters with a climate-controlled inner garden.

Meh. Guess it’ll do while the good superyacht is being polished.