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As a boy, Robbie would hope but never imagine that one day he would be togging out for نادي الأهلي


Robbie Keane participates in Al Ahli trainings (


For the weekend that’s in it.

Saturday, March 3rd, 1979.

Ireland travelled to Scotland on a weekend when Edinburgh was dry due to a public service employees strike…

Highlights were few and far between.

Edmund Van Esbeck, writing in the Irish Times said:

A few inches of woodwork was destiny’s determining factor at Murrayfield on Saturday. With six minutes remaining, Colin Patterson crossed for a try in the right corner to bring the scores at 11 points all. Ireland’s ace marksman,

Tony Ward took the conversion attempt and the ball followed an erratic path to the posts, struck the upright and fell the wrong side. Thus, it was that, for the first time in three quarters of a century, Ireland and Scotland played a draw with each side, scoring two tries and a penalty goal…..

Laces out Tony.

Six Nations 2017 (RTÉ Sport)





The Joint Committee on Transport, Tourism and Sport continued with their hearings on strategies and governance of sport in Ireland with Sports minister Shane Ross and junior sports minister Patrick O’Donovan.

Mr Ross, while replying to a question asked by Social Democrats TD Catherine Murphy, was interrupted by Mr O’Donovan to correct the record of events and throw former chairman John O’Mahony under a bus in relation to the decision on foot legal advice not to bring FAI CEO John Delaney in to face direct questioning regarding that  €5m ‘Henry handball’ compensation payment.

Good times.

Watch in full here.

Shane Ross wants FAI to fully implement 2002 Genesis report (Irish Times)


*drops shoulders*

Ahead of the Six Nations Championship.

Johnny Watterson trolls writes:

Ireland’s Call, it makes you wonder how it ever got there, who it was slipped it into the rugby fixture list, who it was decided it would remain part of the rugby experience and force fed to 50,000 people before every home Six Nations Championship match.

A sop to the Ulster players, who won’t sing Amhrán na bhFiann because it’s not their anthem, Ireland’s Call has found a place alongside fracking and puppy farms as plain wrong….


Time to call a halt to embarrassing ‘Ireland’s Call’ (Irish Times)

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Mark, of Bohemian FC, writes:

We thought you might be interested in the video we released yesterday to celebrate Dalymount Park’s 116 year history. The old ground is due to be demolished at the end of this season and rebuilt in 2018-2019. The video features some great aerial footage of Dublin 7 that your followers might enjoy.

Bohemian FC (Facebook)

Beckett Stoker WildeIn view of the ASAI’s guidelines..

LinkedIn have released a list of the most overused words by Irish profile holders on their website.

They looked under the bonnet and put it up the flagpole and found that passionate, focused and creative are used liberally and often without too much substance.

Wendy Murphy of LinkedIn writes:

To highlight how ineffective it is to rely on these buzzwords are, we imagined what they would look like as self-descriptors for some of Ireland’s best known historical figures. The one thing that all of these Irish icons have in common is that they let their work talk for them.

This is a lesson we would encourage everyone to learn from. Bring your professional accomplishments to life by sharing samples of your work on LinkedIn like presentations or photos from events to demonstrate how you live these buzzwords, not merely say them.