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*drops shoulders*

Ahead of the Six Nations Championship.

Johnny Watterson trolls writes:

Ireland’s Call, it makes you wonder how it ever got there, who it was slipped it into the rugby fixture list, who it was decided it would remain part of the rugby experience and force fed to 50,000 people before every home Six Nations Championship match.

A sop to the Ulster players, who won’t sing Amhrán na bhFiann because it’s not their anthem, Ireland’s Call has found a place alongside fracking and puppy farms as plain wrong….


Time to call a halt to embarrassing ‘Ireland’s Call’ (Irish Times)

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Mark, of Bohemian FC, writes:

We thought you might be interested in the video we released yesterday to celebrate Dalymount Park’s 116 year history. The old ground is due to be demolished at the end of this season and rebuilt in 2018-2019. The video features some great aerial footage of Dublin 7 that your followers might enjoy.

Bohemian FC (Facebook)

Beckett Stoker WildeIn view of the ASAI’s guidelines..

LinkedIn have released a list of the most overused words by Irish profile holders on their website.

They looked under the bonnet and put it up the flagpole and found that passionate, focused and creative are used liberally and often without too much substance.

Wendy Murphy of LinkedIn writes:

To highlight how ineffective it is to rely on these buzzwords are, we imagined what they would look like as self-descriptors for some of Ireland’s best known historical figures. The one thing that all of these Irish icons have in common is that they let their work talk for them.

This is a lesson we would encourage everyone to learn from. Bring your professional accomplishments to life by sharing samples of your work on LinkedIn like presentations or photos from events to demonstrate how you live these buzzwords, not merely say them.



The Sun reports:

Police have revealed there are more than 500 alleged victims and 248 clubs named in the football sex abuse probe.

The scandal emerged last year when a string of top footballers claimed they had been abused while at clubs’ youth systems and academies.

Police chiefs today announced Operation Hydrant, the UK-wide investigation into non-recent child sexual abuse, has now received 1,016 referrals.

This is up from 819 before Christmas.

Cops are now looking into 184 suspects, 526 potential victims, and 248 clubs.

This is an increase of 100 clubs, professional and amateur, since the last update four weeks ago.

Footie abuse scandal: 526 alleged victims, 184 possible suspects and 248 clubs named in football sex abuse probe (The Sun)

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Pic: Yahoo


bwplan1862 Bray Athletic Grounds/Carlisle Grounds, Bray, Co. Wicklow (top), Bray Wanderers Strategic Plan (above)

Further to the Sunday Business Post story on the future of the Bray Wanderers and the inclusion of a new 4500 seat stadium in their future strategic plan.

Bray Wanderers shareholders will lobby present their plans to Councillors tonight in Bray at a public meeting.

Bray Wanderers who currently lease the Carlisle Grounds from the town council cite that the old grounds are not big enough for their future plans and that there is a need to aquire a site outside of Bray for their new greenfield leisure complex.

Steven Matthews, Green Party said:

If they (Bray Wanderers) want to go, it’s up to them, we haven’t initiated any process to ask them to leave. It’s the remit of the councillors to decide what happens to the land. It’s public land, it belongs to the council and we have no plans to develop it.

Any developer looking at Bray would say: There’s one I’d like to keep an eye on.

*drops fish and chips*

Save The Carlisle Grounds (Facebook Public Group)

Bray Wanderers Owners Push For Carlisle Grounds Land Swap (Sunday Business Post)

Paul Cahill (photo credit: Bray Wanderers Strategic Plan)


A bright spot in a dismal year.

Sarah Neville writes:

Pull Like a Dog, a special one-hour documentary following Olympic silver medallists Paul and Gary O’Donovan ollow the brothers as they return to their parish of Lisheen and Skibbereen rowing club in the aftermath of their success.

In this clip (above), Gary and Paul and their father Teddy O’Donovan remember the first time the boys got on the water in a rowing club. Teddy says: “After that Sunday I was probably dreaming of what might be really, rather than what would be.”

Pull Like A Dog airs on Tuesday, December 27 at 9.25pm on RTÉ One.

dublin_pigeon_tower_view_v2_1024x1024 shandon_bells-_820_v4_3c287ca3-1447-4ebc-9c7b-f8491f3e0eff_1024x1024belfast_harland_wolfe_-_belfast_-_820x1024_version_3_1024x1024

From top: Dublin Cork and Belfast

Something for your wall?

Kate Ó writes:

We travelled the 4 provinces of Ireland  to capture Ireland’s most iconic places, from 32 vantage points.

We photographed, sketched, and screen printed each iconic place to create ‘Ireland’s Views Collection’ including; Dublin’s, Pigeon Towers, Cork’s Shandon Bells, Belfast’s Harland & Wolfe, and Galway’s Browne Doorway. Purchase online at link below

Retro Éire

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-made Stocking Fillers’. No fee, just Christmas glee.

Save Poolbeg.