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Joe Brolly

Greasy till fumbling latest!

Writing in today’s Irish Independent, GAA analyst Joe Brolly writes:

…Brand experts refer to what is happening with the GAA as ‘cultural expansionism’. The idea is not for the corporation to simply sponsor some event or other, but for the corporation to become so entwined with the culture that it eventually becomes the culture.

In Ireland, we see the same process happening. Sky, with the support of the hierarchy, have already taken a third of the live games away from the vast majority of what Croke Park calls ‘consumers’.

Sky knows it cannot and will not win over the current adult GAA generations. Last year, in Ireland, when 1.35 million viewers watched the football final on RTE, just over 2,000 watched it on Sky.

Sky’s strategy is smart. Forget the adults, go after the youth. As part of this carefully planned invasion of young hearts and minds, they have systematically bought a stable of elite ‘mentors’, which kills three birds with one stone.

It buys off the elite end of the game, as a result it gets the full support of the entirely capitalist GPA, and finally it plays very well with the younger generation, who see their handsome, smiling heroes branded from head to foot in Sky bolloxology – ‘Sky Believe in better’, ‘Sky SPORTS living for Sport’ and all the rest of it …[More at link below]


AIB, Sky and other brands will complete cultural hijacking of the GAA if new Director General doesn’t act (Joe Brolly, Irish Independent)

Pic via Irish Mirror


This morning

Buswells Hotel, Dublin 2

The launch of the Olympic Council of Ireland’s Strategic Plan 20180-2024 which introduces new governance rules following last Summer’s ticketing scandal in Rio.

OCI President Sarah Keane said:

“We finally have a modern, fit for purpose constitution that will stand the organisation in good stead for years to come.”

Former OCI President Pat Hickey is awaiting trial on charges of ticket touting, forming a criminal association/cartel and illicit marketing

Top from left: Member of the OCI executive committee Lochlann Walsh, Honorary General Secretary Sarah O’ Shea, OCI President Sarah Keane and Chair of the OCI athletic committee Shane O’Connor.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews


The Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) remain at loggerheads with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ahead of an EGM this evening, with former OCI President Pat Hickey set to remain on their board.

In September, Hickey resigned from his position on the executive board of the IOC, having ‘self-suspended’ himself while facing charges related to alleged ticket touting at the Rio Games in 2016.

Hickey, 72, stayed on as an ordinary IOC member though, and the world body have insisted Hickey be subject to no term limit. That entitles him to remain as a member of the OCI board, a rule that’s proved to be a bone of contention.

OCI and IOC at loggerheads over Hickey membership (RTÉ)

Top of the bottom of the world, Ma.

Ultan Mashup writes:

Worth a shoutout! Irishman Paul Robinson has broken the record for the fastest time running a mile in Antarctica. Great video with defiant tricolour!

Paul Robinson?

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Florence Road, Bray

Anony writes:

Palatial and empty gaff with shop on Florence Road, Bray [County Wicklow]. Derelict for yonks and literally around the corner from the four vacant houses on Eglinton Terraces you featured last week…


Empty gaffs to marked ‘Empty Gaffs



Aleister Black (top) and Chris jericho (above)

Christmas wrestling prints.

By Alan Ruane.

A festive follow up to Alan’s A-Z of Wrestling.


Alan Ruane Design Store

Eglinton Road, Bray, County Wicklow

Anon writes:

In Eglinton Road, in Bray there’s four vacant houses, all two-storey gaffs with converted basements. They have been vacant for years. They back on to a Wicklow County Council site that’s set to become a shopping centre…


Empty gaffs to marked ‘Empty Gaffs’

Translation, anyone?




This afternoon.

Danish fans getting ripped off enjoying the craic in Temple Bar, Dublin 2 ahead of tonight’s World Cup football qualifier against the Republic of Ireland.


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This afternoon.

Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Visitors Danny Raahauge with Erik Möller (right) begin an expensive round at the Oliver St John Giogarty  ahead of Republic of Ireland’s World Cup qualifier against Denmark tomorrow night at the Aviva.

Never forget Wood Quay.


Leah Farrell/RollingNews

Second Captains tweet:

Let the unlikely combo of Tom Petty and James McClean boost your 🇮🇪🇩🇰 countdown routine #COYBIG