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During the newspaper review on TV3’s Tonight with Vincent Browne, hosted by Alison O’Connor, the panelists were Louise Bayliss, from SPARK, and Eoghan Corry, from Travel Extra.

They discussed the coverage of the Olympic Council of Ireland president Pat Hickey’s arrest in Rio yesterday.

Alison O’Connor: “So, Eoghan, wall-to-wall coverage…”

Eoghan Corry: “It’s one story and it’s a media-led story. Let’s look at this,you know, bring a bit of analysis to this. It’s been a media-led story from the beginning…and the Brazilian newspaper…”

O’Connor: “My god, I mean, the media doesn’t have to do too much work here, the facts are tumbling out…It’s just…”

Corry: “The Brazilian newspapers are the ones that led the charge on this investigation and they were the ones invited by the police today and the video that’s being shown all over the place, and the picture, the naked photograph, we have it on the front of the Examiner – the bathrobes photograph, he was naked when he opened the door on Pat Hickey is…”

O’Connor: “It’s rather distasteful, isn’t it?”

Corry: “Well, is this part of the process? You know, is this part of a judicial process? Is taking, going through somebody’s laptop to get their confidential…”

O’Connor: “Perp-walk approach…”

Corry: “…legal advice. That’s the sort of thing that was said about [Minister for Sport] Shane Ross “put him in his box” is said in the Four Courts everyday, in the private meetings with people, with their clients, that was paraded by the police today. The police were the ones who suggested that he was not cooperating with them when they arrived and was in a separate room. The Olympic Council statement later on says, this is not the case. Those of us, in a late night programme, analysing the media coverage, have to make the point, this is not process, this is media-led. There is almost a voyeuristic thing here of taking on Pat Hickey, with the cameras and parading it around the world before anything comes to trial.

“We also have another very interesting angle, in that Shane Ross has been telling the Examiner, a great story by Daniel McConnell, the political editor of the Examiner…”

O’Connor: “Who broke the original drug test story…”

Corry: “Absolutely, terrific work again by the Examiner, and he said that he was considering withdrawing the funding for the OCI. You can see here what we have…”

O’Connor: “And you can see why. I mean, obviously, then you have the athletes suffering…”

Corry: “OK, well if you consider from a sporting background and most, a lot of my journalistic life, my early journalistic life was in sport. We saw, every time, politicians went trailblazing through sport, it was for their own benefit. We saw a Taoiseach end up on the podium for the Tour de France, we saw, you know…”

O’Connor: “But would you not acknowledge that there are obviously questions that need to be answered here?”

Corry: “Of course there are questions but is a politician saying, ‘I’m going to sort all of this out, trailing down and coming back out. You know. Pat Hickey has been through Minister for Sport after Minister for Sport and if we just look back at the trail of habits of some of our previous ministers…”

O’Connor: “The man certainly has longevity.”

Watch back in full here

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TV3 presenters, from left Ray Foley, Elaine Crowley , Alan Hughes and Cassie Stokes support the launch Children’s Hospice Week [23rd -29th May 2016 ] taking place on in aid of LauraLynn.

There are approximately 4000 children living with a life-limiting condition in Ireland and each year about 350 of these children die. Children’s Hospice Week focuses on the seriously ill children and their families, cared for by the LauraLynn team.


Leon Farrell/Rollingnews



Irish Rugby International and Leinster player Isaac Boss (centre) with GAA players, from left:  Paul Ryan,Johnny McCaffrey, Shane Barrett and Niall Corcoran supporting Children’s Hospice Week.

Leon Farrell/Rollingnews




Raidió Teilifís Éireann has agreed a ‘sub-licence agreement’ with loathed rivals TV3 for broadcasting of this Summer’s football European Championship.

RTÉ will keep the good stuff (all of Ireland’s games) naturally.

Group head of RTÉ Sport Ryle Nuggent said:

RTÉ is delighted to partner with TV3, another Irish broadcaster, to ensure that the UEFA Euro 2016 Finals are delivered to Irish audiences free-to-air…

Broke so.


“This is extremely disappointing news for RTÉ. We have a long and proud tradition of showcasing the 6 Nations and putting our heart and soul into our coverage.

We want to assure the Irish public that every possible effort was made by RTÉ to retain these rights. As a public service broadcaster, RTÉ’s ambition has always been, and continues to be, to deliver the best possible viewer experience and to share moments of major national importance.

We put forward the best possible bid within our means, while always mindful of the significant responsibilities attached to spending public funds.”

Ryle Nugent, Group Head of Sport, RTÉ

*kicks telly*

TV3 wins Six Nations Championship rights from 2018 (TV3)

sin bin

For the day that’s in it.

Mild rugby trolling Sin Bin banter by TV3’s “Matchday Derek” with rugby fans outside Lansdowne Road Nua during Ireland’s Rugby World Cup 2015 build up.

Only six more weeks of this.


The Home Of The Rugby World Cup 2015 (TV3)


Joe Donnelly’s rugby rockstar World Cup XV.

‘n’ roll!



This afternoon.

Aviva Lansdowne Road Nua

The launch of TV3’s new season schedule featuring Vincent Browne with above from top: Glenda Gilson a presenter of  Xposé and Anna Daly co host of Saturday Am.

He’s 82!

(Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews.ie)


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More TV3 on screen personage.

From top: Seven O’Clock Show presenters Mark King and Lucy Kennedy; Soccer pundit Kevin Kilbane with Pippa O Connor, a contestant on The Restaurant; Laura Woods, co host of Sunday Am; Midday presenter Elaine Crowley and Lucy Kennedy; Sport hosts Matt Cooper, Sinead Kissane and Tommy Martin ;  Anna Daly, Laura Wood, Simon Delaney and Tommy Martin.



Top: Behind the scenes of TV3’s Seven O’Clock Show and internship position (above)

Barry writes:

They expect a helluva lot for nothing! A background in television production? Jeez…

Internship – Seven O’Clock Show (IFTN)

Pic: Seven O’Clock Show


On April’s Fools day 2014, the Gaelic Athletic Association announced a 3-year broadcasting deal with Sky Sports. The deal involved the sale of exclusive rights to a portion of championship games.

The plan didn’t really come together.

Dr Paul Rouse (School of History and Archives, UCD1) is the author of The Impact of Pay TV on Sport

Dr Rouse writes:

Although the GAA hierarchy has sought to portray the deal with Sky as a success and consider the reaction of people in Britain to be ‘a vindication’, the reality is, at best, much more complex – and one might legitimately arrive at entirely the opposite conclusion. After all, what we now know is:

Viewing figures for showcase GAA games in Ireland collapsed; The supposed new service for Irish emigrants in Britain, not only already existed, but did so in a more extensive way; Irish emigrants wishing to watch Gaelic games in Britain must now pay much more than was previously the case; The part of the deal which allowed the broadcast of matches on TV in Australia no longer exists and there is no plan – in any real sense of that word – for internationalisation.

Idris wept.

Read more: Sports Rights Commercialization Revisited: Sky and the GAA (HistoryHub)

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redrockSome of the cast of TV3’s Red Rock


Would the public take to a soap based around a busy Dublin Garda station in a fictional coastal town starring hot people?

In their droves apparently.

[Irish-made TV3 soap] Red Rock burst onto our screens on Wednesday evening with an average audience of 323,200 viewers.
The first instalment of the garda drama reached a peak figure of 371,100.
The soap pipped long running UK offering Emmerdale to the post – the show pulled in an average of 325,000 viewers.

Fair City play though, in fairness.

Red Rock: New soap reaches 410,800 viewers on debut (IrishMirror)

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Meanwhile, via RTÉ:

Fair City was the most watched soap in Ireland last night with an average audience of 569,000 (36%) Irish soap fans tuning in to watch last night’s episode. Fair City had a reach** audience of 735,700 while an additional 31,400 TV viewers watched the episode on RTÉ One+1. 10,057 caught up on the Carrigstown action on RTÉ Player. Fair City was also the second most watched programme among 15 – 34s (24%) after Operation Transformation.


Hoodie, check.

Harpie, check.

Hottie, double check.

Layabout dad, check.

Moody Gardai, check.

Troubled gay character, wait and SEE.

John Gallen writes:

Tonight sees TV3s new drama Red Rock air it’s first look at the programme via a “feature length TV ad” tonight on TV3 at 7.40pm. This will be the first look at TV3s new drama. In all fairness, I can only wish them well with it! Anything is better than Corrie :)