Patrick’s Day Playlist


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Pictured above, clockwise: Loah, Bantum, Rusangano Family, ELLL, The Altered Hours, Lankum

If you’re going to sing, sing an Irish song. Preferably a new one, ’cause we’re all past sick of the Paddywhackery at this point, now.

Throw this on if you need a start: twenty-one tracks from the current generation of Irish independent artists, across a multitude of genres and traditions, plus a bonus track with the Bodger seal of approval.

Track list below, click on an artist’s name for more info.

01. The Altered HoursWay of Sorrow
02. PercolatorCrab Supernova
03. SissySail and Rail
04. Bitch FalconClutch
05. ChancerBanger
06. Overhead, the AlbatrossBig River Man
07. EaladhaHurricanes
08. TalosOdyssey
09. LoahCortege
10. BantumFeel Your Rhythm (ft. Rusangano Family & Senita)
11. JafarisLove Dies
12. Rusangano FamilySoul Food
13. Naive TedKeep the Pace Up
14. ELLLLRomance
15. RíRá Still Around
16. DowthWickerface
17. Lankum (f.k.a. Lynched)Cold Old Fire
18. The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock – Lockout: Movement 1
19. FIXITYBlue Paint
20. HorseDragging
21. IlenkusHunny Bunny
22. Post-Punk Podge & the TechnohippiesPost-Punk Election Party (Bonus Track)

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7 thoughts on “Patrick’s Day Playlist

  1. bertie blenkinsop

    “Preferably a new one” –
    Only if it’s better I’d say, otherwise it’s change for change sake.

  2. Johnny Keenan

    Nice one Mike. Loving this. Way the go unearthing some fine Irish contemporary music.
    You seem to be well ahead of the flock. A real modern St Patrick ain’t ya

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