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Athletic composites by photographer Pelle Cass

Highly manipulated with up to 500 layers in each, the figures and poses are carefully selected from thousands of fixed location photographs shot at games and training sessions around Boston


Some Ham Sandwich in a lay-by off the N62?

You need an all-encompassing 32 county playlist for your GAA summer.

Paul Lynskey writes:

We are looking to make a Spotify playlist, not just any playlist, an all-encompassing, 32-county playlist. Yes, it’s ambitious.  So for this we need your help. We need the music-savvy GAA fan to share their inter-county music knowledge…


Any excuse.

32 County Soundtrack (TXFM)


Thomand Park, Limerick will host Europe’s first Sports Tourism Summit on THURSDAY.

They’re We’re Aaron is calling it it the ‘Davos’ of sports.

There will be 11 expert speakers “worth €1.2b” advising on how to extract money from surfers maximise Ireland’s potential as “a sports-orientated tourist destination”.


Sport Tourism Summit

Summit Programme


From the club with no jacks.

Can’t get a break.

Katie Taylor on Twitter


Highlights from Ireland’s crushing defeat of the Austrians at the World Flying Disc Federation Championships currently taking place in Canada.

WFDF 2013

oireachtasdrinkbooze1booze 2booze3Take their word for it.

Gwan the drinks/GAA/IRFU lobby.

Full report here

 Alcohol sponsorship ban would hurt sports industry – Cttee (RTE)

irish open

For the weekend that’s nearly in it.

Cigarettes and golf in perfect harmony.

They all used to come here you know, in their flared trousers, polyester shirts and ‘continental’ tans.

Not like that Rory.

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The Irish Open 2013