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You’ve seen the Avengers: Endgame trailer and yes, it’s all very exciting. Except for one glaring omission: Deadpool playing every role.

An oversight now remedied in this reworking by Mightyraccoon!.


Footage of Paris recorded between 1896 and 1900 by pioneering fraternal filmmakers, Auguste and Luis Lumière, stabilised, foley sound added and slowed to natural rate by videographer Guy Jones.

0:08 – Notre-Dame Cathedral (1896)

0:58 – Alma Bridge (1900)

1:37 – Avenue des Champs-Élysées (1899)

2:33 – Place de la Concorde (1897)

3:24 – Passing of a fire brigade (1897)

3:58 – Tuileries Garden (1896)

4:48 – Moving walkway at the Paris Exposition (1900)

5:24 – The Eiffel Tower from the Rives de la Seine à Paris (1897)

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Deepfake (deep learning + fake) describes the superimposition of one source image or video into another using AI and CGI.

Here, a youthful Harrison Ford takes the place of Alden Ehrenreich (mostly convincingly) in the most recent Star Wars spinoff.