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This evening.

Slip on slip off.

Audrey writes:

Currently having my stomach turned by this chilled out bro. I’d take music being played through crappy phones any day..Spotted on the [Dublin Bus number] 9…

Sea what they did there..


A double decker bus has become stuck under a railway bridge in County Down.

The Translink bus is lodged under the bridge [on the Craigdarragh Road] near Helen’s Bay.


That’s gotta hurt.

Translink: Double decker bus stuck under County Down railway bridge (BBC News NI)

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Kieran Dold writes:

Been enjoying holidays in Croatia and have been using Bus Croatia. Take a look at where this ‘Croatian’ bus is going. Also no bus looks like that here…



No Andy McNab?

Wynne writes:

“Found on the 38 [Dublin] bus leaving Damastown at 6:15 today,  I think it’s a list of romantic novels/ books. Somebody may be in dire need of this list…”



Barry H writes:

“Spotted this on a Dublin Bus over the weekend…but get this it was on the ceiling upstairs. Presumably it’s there so when the bus turns over after a crash you’ll see it…”