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glove-1 glove-3

Stop motion animator Dillon Markey (who works on projects for Robot Chicken and PES) has found a new use for the daft, glorious but ultimately failed 1980 Nintendo Powerglove,

Rewiring and modifying the device with the help of an engineer, he’s connected it via Bluetooth to the stop motion software he uses for animations like ‘Swan Song’ for PES.


game-over-mug-in-action game-over-mug-top
A Playstation inspired coffee mug which, if you live in the States, you could buy for $12.49 (+ $4.99 shipping) were it not temporarily sold out.

In short, it’s just for looking at.



21 year-old electronica wunderkind M4SONIC performs an original composition, ‘Virus’, on two fully loaded and cued-up Novation launchpads.

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The Warrior Monster USB Controller for PC: the skull’s eyes light up green and there’s a little clip-on mask you can attach with your bruised and dented fingers when you can’t bear the thing leering at you any longer.

Currently unavailable on Amazon (and that’s probably a good thing)


Oh, what the hell.  Nom, Strafe Right, Fire, Nom, Crouch, Nom, Change Weapon, etc.

X-Box, PS3 and Wii controller cookies (with full how-to guide) from NotSoHumblePie.