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This morning.

Bantry, County Cork.

Repairs taking place on New Streetin Bantry, County Cork, today after flooding last night caused by Storm Francis.

How bad was it?


Last night.

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews


Dublin city, 1956

One of a selection of noir-esque images from famed photojournalist Peter Bock-Schroeder, now available online.

In 1956, Bock-Schroeder spent several days walking through Dublin and documented the everyday life of the capital.

Ireland By Chance (Peter Bock-Schroeder)


Boycott Foreign press?

in 1954, a British journalist, Honor Tracy, condemned Donerail, County Cork parish priest Canon Maurice O’Connell for spending the then exorbitant amount of £9,000 on his parochial house while there was so much poverty in the village.

Following The Sunday Times’ apology to O’Connell, Tracy sued it and was awarded £3000 in compensation. In response some 3000 of Doneraile’s parishioners marched in the village in support of Canon O’Connell,…

Good times.

Thanks Mark Geary


Last night.

RTÉ reports:

At least 194,000 homes and businesses are without power this morning due to Storm Ellen.

The majority of those affected are in Cork, with power outages also experienced in Tipperary, Westmeath, Longford and Limerick.

ESB Networks said there are 40,000 premises without power in Cork, 35,000 in Tipperary, 20,000 in Westmeath, 15,000 in Longford and 12,000 in Limerick.


194,000 homes, businesses without power due to Storm Ellen (RTÉ)



People living in holiday homes or on campsites in parts of southwest Cork have been urged to seek shelter or find alternative accommodation as a Status Red wind warning has been issued ahead of Storm Ellen.

The Acting Director of Services and Roads with Cork County Council said council staff are trying to make contact with visitors to the area.

Jim Molloy said: “Many who are on campsites are not local to the area and are not familiar with the conditions and storm force gales that we are exposed to in southwest Cork.”

People in Cork campsites urged to seek shelter ahead of Storm Ellen (RTÉ)

One day, we’ll plant that flag on that moon and watch it flutter.


David Creedon

Kevin Murphy (left) aka Richie Sheehy aka’ Cork’s Biggest Liverpool Fan’ with Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool FC manager

Johnny Keenan (him off the telly) writes:

On a dull Wednesday evening in the middle of January 2018 in Cork City, only one person could have forseen what was going to happen to Liverpool FC.

Coming from a hard days shoot of a video for a song about his beloved ‘Pana’  (known to outsiders as Patrick Street) to the beautiful melody of Tracy Chapmans ‘Fast Car’, local boy done good was a bit forlorn with the news he had just heard on the radio.

His team had sold arguably the best player in the whole city of Liverpool, and maybe even Cork. Brazilian Coutinho journeyed on to Barcelona for a sum in the region of £142 million.

Always the eternal optimist, our hero retreated to his bedroom and recorded a little ditty called ‘Salah‘. The rest as they say is history.

A viral sensation that currently has over 150 million views online.

An anthem that would have ‘The Kop’ singing it just four days after he uploaded it . While he stood proudly smiling in the middle of them all. Dreams do not come any better than this.

Amazingly that given Sunday in January 2018 all his heroes mentioned in his song ‘Salah’ scored to beat Manchester City, in what was billed as the title match.

After a lacklustre first half that ended 1-1 , ‘The Kop’ came alive and  started singing Kevin Murphys ‘Salah’.

In the next nine minutes something special happened. One after the other, Firmino, then Mane and finally Salah hit the back of the net. 4-1 up and the game all but over, everyone on Merseyside was asking CoutinWHO?

That day Klopp knew he had three of the best strikers in the world to build a world class team around. Thanks to the foresight of a humble Liverpool FC supporter from the banks of the Lee. KM somehow was able to get into the mind of one the greatest tactician and strategist in the beautiful game

Kevin Murphy would go onto be treated like royalty every time he passed by or walked through Shankley’s Gates.

He travelled to the last two Champions league finals, met his heroes, performed to thousands of his fellow followers, released ‘Salah’ as a charity single, and had loads more madcap adventures with The Red Army. He is sure to have many more.

Richy Sheehy aka Kevin Murphy aka Corks Biggest Liverpool Fan, fair play to ya boy. Milk it! as they say.

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