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cdSanHY CsctRuv4ra5VbZTQ4rq4ykeOmCP94CHUaBUEvery month, when Redditor Tatsputin takes a work-related 3 hour flight, his two young children give him their drawings to colour in.

At first he used coloured pencils but has since switched to switched to his iPad and the ArtStudio app. He plans to return to coloured pencils.

Much like the collaboration of illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks and her daughter.


mat7_carpet0301 7_carpet03027_bluecarpet7_bluecarpet-detail1 7_bluecarpet-detail3 7_bluecarpet-detail2Using ballpoint pens, Jonathan Bréchignac makes large scale drawings of intricately designed Muslim prayer mats. Each one takes about eight months to complete, and Bréchignac believes them to be:

…a “noble” subject for a series of large illustrations meant, by their very nature, to be meditative. “Repeating the same pattern over and over again works for me like a mantra,” he says. “It’s my technique of meditation. It’s how I empty my mind.”