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Of this sequel to his First And Final Frames montage, editor Jacob T. Swinney sez:

Part II plays the opening and closing shots of 70 films side-by-side. Like the first video, some of the opening shots are strikingly similar to the final shots, while others are vastly different–both serving a purpose in communicating various themes. The side-by-side comparison can communicate an entire story, but also allows us to develop new theories about a given film. So once again, what can we learn from examining the first and final frames of a film?

Even if you suspect the answer to be ‘not much’, this is a a divertingly smooth five minute montage.


erembald-laser-cut-bicycle-designboom02 erembald-laser-cut-bicycle-designboom04 erembald-laser-cut-bicycle-designboom05 erembald-laser-cut-bicycle-designboom032-818x550erembald-laser-cut-bicycle-designboom01-818x550
The ‘Erembald’ by eleventwentyseven design is a custom made, limited edition, bespoke dandyhorse made in Bruges, Belgium.

The laser-cut stainless steel frame is inspired by ‘cellular structures’, rather appropriately, what with the inner-thigh-slicing, finger-twisting potential of that bad boy.

Watch a video of the small batch production process here.


Tallest-Tall-Bike-07-634x632Tallest-Tall-Bike-06-634x634 Tallest-Tall-Bike-05-634x633 tallbike

Cyclist Richie Trimble recently constructed the tallest bicycle in LA and participated in the CicLAvia 2013 event, where the city’s roads are temporarily cordoned off for cyclists.

With the assistance of a police escort and friends working to clear the way ahead, he managed 20 miles without falling off, stopping only once.