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The work of Russian ’xeno-urbanist’ Vadim Soloviev, who sez of the last one:

..recently, all of Moscow was covered in snow. And the giant ultra-foxes dozed peacefully in the courtyards of their so beloved “round houses”. But now it’s spring. This means that foxes will soon go away from the city, from civilization, to equip their summer ultra-burrows.


The Giant Gippsland Earthworm, a protected species native to the wet riverbank clays of Victoria Australia, ranges from one to three metres in length and upward of 2cm in diameter.

The worms rarely surface but their presence can be detected by a clearly audible ‘gurgling’ sound as they slither through their labyrinthine burrows.



17 year-old Mamadou Ndiaye  (7’5″) who plays for Brethren Christian High School in California, is currently two inches taller than the tallest NBA player and still growing.. His height is thought to have been caused by a pituitary tumour (since removed) which also threatened to leave him blind.

According to his coach Jon Bahnsen:

‘Right now his game is basically catch, turn, drop-step, dunk.’