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Ronan O Coisdealbha writes:

This is an actual cake. Chocolate biscuit cake. Helen O’Higgins is the baker.

Helen adds:

I feel I am being afforded a little more credit than I am due for making this cake! Just to clarify, I did the sculpting and all the art work, but in fact, I did not do the actual baking of the chocolate biscuit cake itself – this was done by Catherine De Groot for whom I work at Bake My Cake.

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Tony Abbott has denounced as “hideous” and “barbaric” a photograph of Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf’s son holding the severed head of a slain Syrian soldier.

The shocking photograph — posted on Twitter by a proud father with the words “Thats my boy!” – drew condemnation from across the political divide after being published in The Australian today. The picture has attracted worldwide news coverage.

Barbaric image of Khaled Sharrouf’s son a warning to the world: Tony Abbott (Jared Owens, The Australian)

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Yes, these images have been adjusted.

Meh, sez their self-deprecating creator, Imgur user samuelorsaumell.

“It’s actually pretty simple, most of these images are ~5 min jobs. The process is mostly just: 1) Copy the head onto a new layer. 2) Reduce background to 65% size (that’s the value I was using anyway) 3) Puppet warp the base of the neck/hair to get it to match with the shrunk background as much as possible. 4) Mask away (with a soft brush) the edges of the head layer to make it consistent with the shrunk background.”