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Know someone doing their mocks?

James Whelton (our favourite former teen sensation) and Trinity student James Eggers have come up with a pair of apps to help those sitting the Junior and Leaving Cert this year.

They describe the apps as giving:

Access to all the online Irish junior and leaving certificate papers for all levels, with such mind-blowing features as “full screen paper viewing mode”, landscape support and intelligent exam level remembering features, we built this app for such an incredible experience to aid studying, that if weaponised, aliens would finally visit earth in order to learn this app’s secrets.

No longer will you fear the Léamhthuiscint in Irish Paper 2 when viewed through this app. This is the perfect companion to the fast paced, exotic, glamorous and thrilling adventure that is the Junior Cert….

Unfortunately, there are no answers but there’s another app for that.

Junior Cert Papers and Leaving Cert Papers are available on the App Store for €1.79 each.

Do you have an Irish app? Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

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The CoderDojo co-founder and former teen sensation with a bad codose.

Laura ‘Taoiseach Tay’ Gaynor writes:

“SpunOut.ie had a hackathon to make apps for their ‘find help’ section. While I was there I did an interview with James Whelton, founder of CoderDojo. What you don’t know is he did the interview even though he had pneumonia.”


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Anyone know someone in the Websummit offices that could release him?


It’s OK.

He’s not underage.

James Whelton (above) has helped you save your photos from Instagram, high-fived Enda Kenny and now he’s been listed in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs for his work in founding Coder Dojo.

They call him coder nerd but we prefer former teen sensation.

We’re not bitter.

Damn his beautiful eyes, those midnight dark pools in which we dreamily bathe

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How could we have missed the Collison brothers Patrick and John(above) from Limerick who are in the 30 Under 30: Technology for their wonderful Stripe payment portal.

Facebook has bought Instagram for $1 Billion.

So how do you get your pictures out of it now it’s gone all mainstream and evil?

Enter the talented Über-developer James Whelton (of CoderDojo fame) with GramGrab which allows you to grab your photos before deleting your account while maintaining your hipster credentials.

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