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Furglan National School.

Forgleann, Lahinch, Co. Clare, Ireland.

Jacinta Sheerin writes:

One Summer afternoon on the coast of Lahinch, a bird flew into a classroom and hurt his wing. A little boy, Cian Vaughan, cupped it in his hands until the bird got strong and was able to fly away. My son Adam Wall (top) looked on at his classmate rescuing the bird and when he got home that evening, he wrote a poem called HOPE.

The film was made by Alex Gill from Cracking Light Productions in Ennistymon. It features Adam reading his poem as well as his classmates sharing their hope for the future.

Furglan National School

This afternoon.

The Irish Open, Lahinch, County Clare.

Via Extinction Rebellion Ireland:

Members of Extinction Rebellion Clare who disrupted the first day of the Irish Open golf tournament in Lahinch today  say they wanted to appeal to its global TV audience to demand urgent action by the world’s governments to prevent a climate catastrophe.

At 1:20 pm, just as Shane Lowry was approaching the 18th green, the Clare-based climate activists unfurled a huge banner that read, “Game Over: Climate Action Now!”

Aisling Wheeler of Extinction Rebellion Clare said:

“We disrupted the golf event for a few moments to draw attention to the unimaginable disruption to our world that is threatened due to climate breakdown. If governments do not take radical action very quickly, the result will be catastrophic extreme weather events, drought and food shortages, from which Ireland will not be spared.”

She added:

“This action is not anti-golf. We expect real golf lovers to understand. Some of the best golf courses are by the coast, so golf is the sport most threatened by climate breakdown. And golfers love the outdoors.”



Lahinch, Co Clare.

Remember the January storms?

Photographer Niall Cosgrove writes:

“I found this person when I was editing these photos to get printed. As far as I know the person had to be rescued. What I was told he survived by holding onto the metal railing attached to the lifeguard station….How this person wasn’t swept out to sea, I just don’t know…


Via MagicSeaweed

Thanks Sean

1186171_639264776106176_1795570514_nBUy5jKqCQAAYzYn.jpg_large625485_639333259432661_533492112_nThis two metre long schlong was found washed up on Lahinch beach, Co. Clare over the weekend.

On closer inspection, it turns out to be a formation of goose barnacles attached to a log.

Lahinch folk want to keep it all for themselves.

They’re a bit shellfish, in fairness.

Eyebrows raised in the mystery of the two-metre Lahinch beach langer (James McNamara, Irish Mirror)

Pics: Marguerite Kelly, Burren Geopark