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Bob ‘The Ad Contrarian’ Hoffman opened the 2014 ITV Spotlight Lecture last March – a debate on the failed predictions of advertising experts over the past decade, with particular focus on the social media marketing of brands, to wit:.

..there are people in our business who believe that consumers are ‘in love’ with brands. They believe consumers want to have ‘relationships’ with brands. they want to have ‘brand experiences’ and be ‘personally engaged with brands’. These people actually believe this. You go to their Twitter profile: ‘I’m passionate about brands!’ You’re what? Dude, get a fucking girlfriend.

You’ll like Bob.



On the off-chance you are going out this evening.

Or if you just have an ailing, elderly relative with persistent bowel trouble.

Ross O’Mullane writes:

Long time reader, occasional contributor and new Gifts Direct employee here.We just launched our hangover hamper just in time for [Redacted]. Like the fools we are we made one too many.

We can give the hamper to whoever has the best traditional hangover solution? Drinking water, abstinence and moderation excluded.
We can deliver the hamper to the winner tomorrow (if in Dublin, or shortly after if outside Dublin?)…


Lines close at 4.15pm



Ross says:

The Hampover goes to Ahh Feck (“Alka Seltzer, fry with tea, Berocca, Dioralyte, s***e, shower and a shave In that order. You’ll be rights as rain”)
Although I don’t drink tea or shave, this is obviously the correct way  to deal with a hangover. Thanks all.