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The oldest complete deck of playing cards in the world – the Cloisters set – made in the South Netherlands between 1470 and 1480.

The hand-painted suits (possibly an unused gift and so still in near perfect condition) have a hunting theme with hunting horns, dog collars, hound tethers, and game noose instead of hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades.

In 1983, the deck was sold for over $140,000 to the the New York Metropolitan Museum Of Modern Art where it remains on rotating display.

The World’s Oldest Full Deck Of Playing Cards as Almost Lost To History (Business Insider)



Fancy some free pre-Christmas Meds?

Stuart Kinsella of German/Irish choral group Peregryne writes:

For those of you of a meditative mindset, you might be
interested in a wandering, nay, peregrinating schola of goliards who
will sing compline in the glorious acoustic of Whitefriar Street
church on Sunday 14 December at 17.00, and again in the medieval
setting of St Audoen’s church on High Street on Friday 19 December
at 17.30.

Peregryne will sing a series of very rarely heard Salve
Reginas by Josquin de Prez (c.1450/5-1521), John Browne (fl.c.1490)
and William Cornysh, senior (c.1430-1502), the latter two from the
Eton choirbook, all of which will culminate in a theological and
choral Advent-tide reflection on the text of the Salve Regina in St
Saviour’s, Dominick Street on Sunday 21 December at 15.00. All are
most welcome. The poster by the way depicts Dublin’s own black
madonna, ‘Our Lady of Dublin’, an early 16th-century wooden Marian
sculpture of mother and child thought to have come from the old
pre-Reformation Cistercian abbey of St Mary’s west off Capel Street,
and now in Whitefriar Street church. If you want something medieval
this pre-Christmas season, this is it.

UPDATE: Peregryne adds:

Just one alteration due to the death of a Carmelite priest, but compline on Sunday 14
December at 17.00 in Whitefriar Street Church will now take place at 17.30 in St Werburgh’s Street. The body is lying in repose in Whitefriar Street, so there are no choral services allowed.