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Images from ‘Movimento’ by Francesca Piqueras (also known for her photographs of rusting shipwrecks) featuring the scarred and sheared-off mountainsides of Carrara in Tuscany – extensively quarried for their marble since the time of the Etruscans.

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A pleasing, all-too-short short by motion design studio Mr Kaplan exploring the physics defying workings of a fictional Rube Goldberg/Heath Robinson machine.




The Apuan Alps in Northern Italy – home to a ‘surreal abundance’ of pristine white marble.

Every year at the Canalgrande quarry, 65,000 tonnes of it are extracted, worth around 10 million euro. To wit:

Sit on a beach in one of the nearby towns (Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio), and you appear to be looking up at snow-covered peaks. But it is snow that does not melt, that is not seasonal. Michelangelo sculpted most of his statues from this stone, and he was so obsessed with the region that he used to fantasize about carving an entire white mountain right where it stood. 

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Carrie Elizabeth-1marbleGreta-1
The Identity Collection: dresses donated by friends and then hewn from blocks of Carrera marble (from which Michaelangelo carved his David) by Scottish sculptor Alasdair Thompson.

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Dad, could you build me an elaborate Rube Goldberg style one-inch diameter marble run around the top of my bedroom?

Sure, son.

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