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George’s Street, Dublin 2 yesterday.



Fianna Fail down as coalition holds steady ahead of election Pat leahy, Sunday Business Post)

Support dips for Irish PM’s party ahead of election: poll (Reuters)


Or so you thought.

Dave Lowry writes:

Can’t believe that there is betting for schools matches, the Leinster colleges is a big comp but they’re only U18


*sticks a monkey on Good Counsel*

Thanks Dave

Paddy Power 



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90277676Paddy Power HQ, Clonskeagh, Dublin


Anonomoose writes:

Our fearless leader [Enda Kenny] is in the Paddypower HQ this morning to blow about some jobs thing and how the good times are here. What he’s failing to notice though is the fact that the HR [Human Resources] ones in here are running around getting people to move from their normal desks to fill up empty desks where Enda will be walking by to make the place look busier and fuller than it normally is. North Korea at its finest!

What are the odds?