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St Patrick Park,  Dublin 8

This morning.

Via The Irish Times:

Dubliners are to be “paid” for a walk in the park with “Civic Dollars” they can cash in for coffee and cake and other goods and services, in an effort to encourage outdoor exercise.

Visitors to five parks in the Dublin 8 area can earn the community currency if they sign up for a new smart phone app to allow Dublin City Council to track their park use.

The scheme is being piloted in the area from the Liberties to Inchicore, following research by the council’s Smart D8 team which found just 40 per cent of local residents took regular exercise, but 92 per cent said they would use a park for exercise if it was available to them.

Visitors to St Audoen’s Park, St Patrick’s Park, Weaver Park and Oscar Square in the Liberties, and Grattan Park in Inchicore who use the app will be rewarded with Civic Dollars for every 30 minutes they spend in the park up to a limit of 5 dollars a day.


It’s a walk in the park: Dubs get exercised over digital dollars (Irish Times)


From top: Sliabh Bhan in County Roscommon by photographer Will Keane

While you were on the couch.

Will Keane was out walking.

And taking incredible pictures.

Will Keane writes:

At the start of 2021 Ireland was in the middle of lockdown with a harsh limit of 5 kilometres applied to the population. After eating and drinking my way through previous lockdowns in 2020 I decided to embark on a personal adventure, Six Months of Walking.

I decided to document the sights that I encountered on my 5km and uploaded them to Instagram and Facebook. The feedback was really positive and there were many requests for prints.

Being limited to 5km went from a curse to a blessing. I am surrounded by bog (marshy peat land). Taking the sames routes repeatedly forced me to focus on the little things like the curl of a fern, the lighting effects depending on the time of day and how playing with reflections can turn a good shot to a really good shot.

I have a soft spot for sunsets, the moon and love including an animal in a shot to give personality and for framing. I am not a professional photographer but I have been told I have a good eye. I take pride in my picture but I am always learning.

Cut to this week and the launch of Sixmonthsofwalking.ie…having never built a website, it was a steep learning curve but I’m proud of the result and just wanted to share it with you!

Six Months of Walking has really help centre myself physically and mentally and because of the pandemic I have gained a passion.


Pic: Will Keane