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There you go now.


But if Radiohead have their way, those touts will be ticketless this Friday. For the Dublin show, the name of the purchaser will be on each ticket and his/her photo identification will be checked at the entrance to the venue to make sure it matches the name on the ticket.

Radiohead take an anti-tout stance with Dublin show tickets (Jim Carroll, Irish Times, November1)

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Gavin Feiritear writes:

Lovely 35mm surprise from Paul Thomas Anderson and Radiohead just dropped on our doorstep today!

We’re gonna squeeze in the music video for ‘Daydreaming’ on 35mm before selected screenings at the Light House Cinema [Smithfield, Dublin 7] this weekend.

Tonight: 5.45pm – Everybody Wants Some: 6.10pm – Green Room Saturday:  4.45pm – Everybody Wants Some 6.50pm – Green Room 9.00pm – Green Room.

Be sure to arrive on time to catch it…

Light House Cinema