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Behold the bewilderingly overpopulated, open world, first person, memory-gobbling RPGs of Brilliant Game Studios.

In The Ultimate Battle Simulator (top) players pit vast armies against one another. Above, 300 Jedi knights versus 60,000 medieval foot soldiers. Or if you prefer, a pitched battle between 20,000 Jedi and 20,000 Darth Mauls.

The Black Masses is a far darker and bloodier journey into crowd simulation, as evidenced above (warning: unremitting gore) by a sequence wherein 10,000 zombies are dismembered by a giant blender.



Created in Photoshop and Flash, directed, written and animated by Emily Carmichael for Mad Atoms, this 8-bit short (the acronym of the title stands for Role Playing Game OK Cupid) tells of an online relationship between a dragoon and a cat woman.

Baffling if you’re not familiar with fantasy RPGs of yore.

Nostalgia city for vintage gamers.



A highlight of the 2013 Ubisoft Conference was this gameplay demo of upcoming third person RPG from the seemingly inexhaustible Tom Clancy universe: The Division for XBox One and PS4.

A multi-adaptive quest through a dystopian landscape with massive attention to even the tiniest detail, the game will feature a companion app for mobiles, allowing players to control a drone to assess enemy positions.

And occasionally call for pizza.

Ubisoft Reveals Next Gen Online Shooter – The Division (co-optimus)