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Just Eat will now carry the Starbucks menu

This changes everything.

This afternoon.

Gemma Harte writes:

‘Coffee lovers of the nation will be pleased to hear that Starbucks® Delivery is now available on the Just Eat app, featuring the mouth-watering range of signature seasonal specials.

Celebrating the first day of the festive month of December, Just Eat will feature everyone’s favourite specialty coffees, iced beverages, sweet treats and light bites including the iconic Starbucks Christmas menu.

Amanda Roche-Kelly, Managing Director Just Eat Ireland said:

“Just Eat and Starbucks have a shared vision to deliver convenience and as the Irish coffee culture continues to grow, through this exciting partnership we’re offering Just Eat customers what they want, when and where they want it.


Just Eat

Starbucks paper cup

As an occasional customer of Starbucks, I’m frustrated by its policy of automatically giving customers a paper cup over a ceramic mug when sitting in. Recently in one of their cafes, I asked everyone sitting in (all of whom had paper cups) if they were given the option of a ceramic mug. Not one person had been.

This directly contradicts Starbucks policy (as received by me in an email from it following a complaint about this) that its customers have a choice when ordering coffee and ideally it wants them to use ceramic but it cannot enforce that.

This is incredibly wasteful in the context of a climate emergency, particularly considering that there are 49 outlets in the greater Dublin area alone.

Starbucks is in a unique position to take a public stand and action in this space that would have a huge ripple effect on other retailers and customer behaviour.

It would seem that a change in training in Starbucks with the addition of one simple question and the resulting actions by baristas would make all the difference.

Sara Dennedy,
Dublin 3.

Mug shot – paper or ceramic? (The Irish Times letters page)

Airport-based barista bants.

The very worst kind of airport-based bants, in all fairness.

This morning.

The Irish Times reports:

The prospect of another new Starbucks outlet opening in Dublin city centre has prompted a number of cafes and coffee shops to offer free hot drinks to customers on Tuesday.”

“There are 50 Starbucks outlets in Dublin, according to the company’s website, while another is expected to open soon in a former recruiters’ office on Crampton Quay.

“…Coffee shop operators believe the area is already well served and Ciaran Hogan, who runs The Clockwork Door on Wellington Quay, organised the free coffee initiative after receiving “confirmation” another Starbucks was coming.”

Meanwhile, Today FM reports the cafés offering free drinks are:

The Clockwork Door

Coco Brew

Il Fornaio Enoteca

Foam cafe

Celtic Cookie Company

Coffee Cartel coffee cart

Gallaher and Co

The Dwarf Jar

The Joy of Cha

The Stage Door

The Tram Cafe

Il Fornaio Cafe

The Bus Stop Cafe

Metro Cafe

BG cafe & Deli

Irish Film Institute

Tamp and Stitch

Dublin cafes to give away coffees in Starbucks protest (The Irish Times)

Free coffee at 19 Dublin cafés (Today FM)