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The Shin-an-ji Rock Garden created by Japanese designer Tomonori Saito and wagashi artisan Motohiro Inaba: black sesame ‘rocks’ on a bed of sugar ‘sand’.

Arrange, rake patterns, contemplate oneness. NOM.


Candy-by-Color-08-685x547 Candy-by-Color-10-685x547 Candy-by-Color-07-685x547 Candy-by-Color-06-685x547 Candy-by-Color-05-685x547 Candy-by-Color-04-685x547 Candy-by-Color-09-685x547 Candy-by-Color-03-685x547 Candy-by-Color-02-685x547 Candy-by-Color-01-685x547Sugar Series – sweeties, gum, bars and other nommables organised by colour by Texan photographer Emily Blincoe (soon to be available as prints).

OCDeeply satisfying.