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A 60cm x 80cm blueprint by Dorothy (€39.18 +P&P) based on the circuit diagram of a classic turntable. To wit:

Our Hip-Hop Love Blueprint celebrates over 700 MCs, DJs, producers, turntablists, musicians, graffiti artists, b-boys and b-girls who (in our opinion) have been pivotal to the evolution of hip-hop, from pioneers such as DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash to present day chart success stories Kendrick Lamar and Drake, and global superstars Jay-Z and Kanye West.


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Back in 2010, Panasonic ceased production of the legendary Technics SL1200 Mk6 analogue turntable (top), reputedly one of the most durable and reliable decks ever produced, claiming ‘a  decline in demand for these analog products and also the growing difficulty of procuring key analog components necessary to sustain production.’

Since 1972, the company had sold 3.5 million SL1200 decks, beloved of DJs and vinyl aficionados the world over.

This year, with a current resurgence in vinyl, and following a sustained online petition, the SL1200 will return as the limited-edition SL-1200GAE.

In 1997, a special 25th anniversary edition SL1200LTD with gold plated accessories cost $1,200 (€1,070).

The cost of the latest iteration, to be released this summer is $4,000 (€3,570).


Supply and demand, people.

(H/T: Oisín)

lego_turntable_00 lego_turntable_01lego_turntable_03
‘The Planet’ – a fully functional LEGO turntable (with matching tube-amp and speaker cases) made by Korean block enthusiast Hayarobi using 2,405 pieces of LEGO, a LEGO Power Functions battery box and M-motor and just one non-LEGO component – an Audio Technica phono cartridge.

Exhibited at the 2014 Seoul Brick Pop Art Exhibition

Note the clever use of LEGO tyres as tonearm counterweights.

Watch a demo here.


(Thanks Atticus)