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Hi All,

Laura Jordan from will be on campus for a one hour talk for all female students on Monday 20th April.

Laura will be offering advice and will show you primarily how to dress for interview to suit your shape, size and age. She will also give you an idea of how to build a capsule work wardrobe and recommend some high street options that would be suitable.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all female students, especially all you final years, who are heading off to interviews in the coming weeks!!

Anon (possibly Aoife, possibly not) writes:

Sexist much? I guess guys aren’t worth talking to about style and fashion… Email from National College of Ireland today..



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A sequel to London based filmmaker Leigh Singer’s 2013 compilation of 69 movie scenes wherein characters break the ‘fourth wall’, addressing the audience directly.

Making up for a glaring omission last time round, he makes sure to include Sam Elliot’s ‘The Stranger’ from The Big Lebowski.



Fancy a bit of LCD?

The other one.

DJ Johnny Moy writes:

Our 4th instalment of Encore at The Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin is Shut Up And Play The Hits (2014)!!! Featuring New Yorks finest LCD Soundsystem playing their last show ever. LCD left a huge hole in our lives but you have to tip your hat to them for going out on a high, this movie captures the emotion of this special event. We will be showing the movie and having a party to celebrate all things NYC. As always we will be serving free gourmet popcorn and we have super deals on food/drinks, for example:

Pizza and a pint of Tennants- €10
6 bottles of Miller – €20
Pitcher of Tennants - €10
Buy a pizza and a get bottle of house wine – €10


Encore! at The Sugar Club, Shut Up And Play The Hits (Facebook)


This morning.

Scenes from the launch of a campaign for a no vote in May’s Marriage Referendum by Mothers And Fathers Matter.

Last pic from left: Kate Bopp, Dr Sam Shephard, Evana Boyle, Dr Tom Finnegan, Keith Mills, Margaret Hickey and Eileen King. Second pic: Professor Ray Kinsella outside Leinster House. Dublin.

Mothers And Fathers Matter (Facebook)

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This afternoon.

The launch in Merrion Square, Dublin of the first Yes equality billboard describing Ireland in five words, ˜Loving’ ‘Equal’ ‘Fair’ ‘Generous’ and ‘Inclusive’.


Above last pic: Yes-ers Niamh Griffin (left) and Sandra Irwin-Gowran

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)