The ‘Here’s How‘ current affairs podcast

Host William Campbell (right) writes:

Sandra Khadouri (above left) is one of the founders of a new British political party Renew Britain, which hopes to mitigate or stop the planned Brexit next year.

The Here’s How podcast asks her what exactly they hope to do, and what their chances of success are….

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Stephen Hanlon tweetz:

First look at Tom Vaughan Lawlor aka Nidge Weasel as Ebony Maw in Avengers: Infinity War.

Avengers: Infinity War’s Final Trailer Gives Us The Closest Look At Thanos’ Black Order (Cinema Blend)

The Echo Chamber podcast

Hosts Tony Groves (left) and Martin McMahon welcome filmamker Terry McMahon into the ‘tortoise shack’.

Martin writes:

Film was once the realm of myth making and escapism, but these days our politicians are the scripted actors who are playing roles in a PR Spun Irish success story.

Award winning Actor-Writer-Director, Terry McMahon, joins us in the tortoise shack for a no holds barred discussion on Our Ireland, Apollo House and the lies they were told by a government that wants to maintain the myth. Warning: strong language and mature themes throughout…

The Echo Chamber


At the IFI, Temple Bar. Dublin 2.


Written and directed by Alan Gilsenan.

Based on the  final novel by Carol Shields, the plot involve…

Reta Winters (Catherine Keener) discovering her eldest daughter Norah (Hannah Gross) inexplicably drops out of college and is found on a Toronto street corner, pan-handling and refusing to speak, holding a cardboard sign reading GOODNESS.

The irish Premiere takes place in the IFI at 6.20pm TONIGHT.

Would you and a friend like to go?

We have two tickets to the screening which includes a post screening q&a with director Alan Gilsenan and Sinead Gleeson.

The first out of the hat with correct answer to the following question can pick up the tickets this evening.

Complete this Alan Gilsenan film title:

‘The Road To____________________________’

Lines MUST close at 5.15pm

(Should be able collect tickets at box office before 6.10pm)

UNLESS opens in Irish cinemas on March 16

The Paddy’s special!

A big thank you to, clockwise from top left: ‘Preposterous‘, Neil Curran, Olga Cronin, Vanessa Foran and Johnny Keenan, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly Patrick’s .

The show, produced by Neil Curran, can be viewed in its entirety above.

Our ‘At A Glance’ guide.

1:04 – Leo in America
5:15 – “Who is that lady on the wall?”
9:50 – Here’s Johnny!
15:55 – “High Times” – Johnny on pot.
45:10 – De Entertainment
55:56 – Cheltenham Conspiracies
1:03:28 – Disclosures Update
1:38:20 – De Papers
1:58:00 – Johnny & Vanessa’s Paddy’s Day Sing Song

Blueish language throughout.

Correction: While discussing the Disclosures Tribunal, Paul Williams, of the Irish Independent, was mistakenly referred to as Paul Reynolds, Of RTÉ and Mr Reynolds was referred to as the author of a blog post on Detective Superintendent Colm Fox when, in fact, the autor was Barry Cummins. We are very sorry.

Previously: Broadsheet on the Telly on broadsheet


Roisin Burke, in the Evening Echo, reports:

Three people have been arrested and a number of weapons and drugs were seized as part of a multi-agency Operation Thor day of action yesterday.

Five premises in Mallow, Country Cork were searched where Gardaí recovered weapons including knives, an imitation firearm, knuckle dusters and some modified weapons [including alarmingly crude bladed hurl, above]

Weapons and drugs seized after five premises raided by Mallow gardaí (Evening Echo)