Was this your gaff?

“It was supposed to be the day Ritu Vohra got her Sunset District rental home back from a group of Irish exchange students. Instead, she walked into a nightmare….”

Watch: Foreign Students Trash SF Rental House, Then Leave Country (Kpix)

Thea Gillen writes:

“Irish student trash San Francisco rental home J1 Visa(?) students gone REAL bad….”

Seen worse on Daft, in fairness.


Near the Convention Centre, Dublin this evening

Michael O’Riordan writes:

“The Malaysian restaurant on the North Quay is filled with smoke. Two fire engines and fire officer on scene. Expect delays on those quays…”


Update: Michael writes: “Appears not to be much. Fire officers came out annoyed, turned off lights and left. There goes my journalistic dream :)”


The referral pathway [above] for women at risk of suicide in the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act.

Ireland – Making pregnant women jump through hoops since 1922.™

Download the Department of Health guidance document here.

Guidance document for abortion legislation published (RTÉ News)


Pumpkin patch  at ‘Alright Pumpkin’ in Co Meath

Too soon?

Tom ‘Dylan’ Dillon, who runs the social media operation at the ‘sheet (leaving him enough time to be a full-time farmer, raise a large family and compete at slow chess) is diversifying his crop.

Known for his hay bale sculpting [teddy bears, trains, etc] Tom is betting everything on orange.

He writes:

“It’s the 19th of September and I know what you are all thinking, Halloween is just around the corner and you have nothing ready. Where are you, your family and your friends going to enjoy some wholesome fun this Halloween?

Or source large orange decorative vegetables to adorn your home? Allowing you a chance to impress your friends and neighbours with your elegant carving….

Do not fret.

Let ‘Alright Pumpkin’ help you…

Visit our Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch in Co Meath which has lots of things for kids to do or alternatively, pick your pumpkin from our Dublin venue. We are open from early October but you can book a pumpkin size now.  All the details are on our Facebook page [link below]and on our tumblr….”

Pumpin’ idea or grotesque US-imported ‘ween intensive farming caper?

Only YOU can decide.

Alright Pumpkin (Facebook)


This afternoon.

The geodesic dome in Flanagan’s Field Community Garden, Reuben St in Fatima, Dublin 8, on the site of the old Fatima Mansions housing complex ahead of its official opening TOMORROW.

The grow dome will use harvested rainwater and an off-grid hydroponic (*cough*) technique to produce well over 1,000 lettuces (or whatever) per week, every week, all year round.

From top: Jamie Lynam and Paddy Martin, Unidentified, Jamie Lynam and Mick Hooper.

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(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)