Over Dublin city tonight

Just before polls closed, the average turnout across Dublin county was an estimated 65 per cent and 53 per cent in the Dublin city council area. Turnout in Cork city was above 60 per cent.

Minister for Communications Alex White, the director of elections for the Labour Party, said: “It seems likely that turnout will finish as high, if not higher than in the general election. I think something very big happened in Ireland. A whole new generation has been politicised.

Those on the No side also acknowledged that the large turnout in Dublin, in particular, was likely to tip the balance in favour of a Yes….

Campaigners believe high turnout will carry Yes vote (Irish Times)

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Bermuda this evening.

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Lorna writes:

Ted voted early and often today


Today saw the return home after four months deployment to Sierra Leone of a five-strong Irish Defence Forces medical team helping fight the spread of Ebola.

The homecoming was witnessed by Random Irish Photos.

Randomer writes:

Each of them men were screened five times and they are to be screened a sixth time not that they are back on home soil.They were screened before leaving their base in Sierra Leon, then at Sierra Leon Airport, then they were screened again when they were travelling through Morocco and they were screened twice in the UK before returning to the Casement Aerodrome earlier today.

Of their time in Sierra Leone, Captain Eugene O’Connor said:

‘We were all spread out all over the country, so we all have different experiences. Obviously there is a degree of poverty there and a degree of fear with the virus But that was something that was on our minds all the time.

‘When we arrived in country, there was a spike in cases And there was always a concern that it was going to spiral out of control.We were pressed into immediate areas of hot spots quite quickly. Between all the agencies, they managed to get a hold and stymie the outbreak at that stage. So within about a month, cases began to level off and so they are almost at zero but it’s a bumpy road. It never just goes 360 cases to zero.’

Captain O’Connor was met his mother Mary, sister Tracey and Gillian, his niece Milla Banerjee, nephew Ben Banerjee, and his Italian girlfriend, Miranda Pio. Also travelling with Cpt O’Connor were Sgt David Sliney, Cpls Frank Noonan and Pierce Foley and trooper Richard Fitzgerald.

Random Irish Photos

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This afternoon.

Sasko writes:

Vincent Fox and Anne Cole couple who got married today and cast their vote in St James’ Primary School, Basin Street Upper, Dublin 8 Polling Station.

Great wedding outfits/footwear, in fairness.

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This evening.

A group of Yes voters who came on the Boat from England to Dublin Port on the Stena Line to Vote in the Marriage Referendum.

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The Front Lounge Parliament Street, Dublin

Should you be in Dublin.

Peter McGuire, of Dublin South Central’s Yes Equality group, writes:

This Saturday morning, The Front Lounge on Parliament St will open at the earlier time of 10am to follow RTÉ One’s Marriage Referendum count on the big screen projector. Breakfast will turn to brunch. There will be tea. There will be coffee. From 10.30am, the bar will open: There may be drink.

Early tallies for the Marriage Referendum may come in by around 10 or 11am, depending on whether or not the Presidential Age Referendum is counted first (and if it’s close, it may be a bit later). No voters and undecided people are also very welcome to attend: The Front Lounge is a public house, open to all.  Spread the word.

Alternative suggestions welcome below

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El Clash Combo Toners May 24toners

Free Sunday?

Barry writes:

We’re bringing bands back to Baggot St! Back in the 80s and 90s, long before Whelan’s arrived on the scene in Wexford St, the musical hub of Dublin was centred around Baggot St in The Pembroke, The Baggot Inn and Toners.

Between these three pubs there were bands playing 7 nights a week with something for every taste. The Pembroke and the Baggot Inn are long gone but Toners remains pretty much as it was one of the oldest and best known pubs in Dublin with an excellent bar on the first floor.

Now the Alternative Sunday Social Club is running gigs again on Sunday afternoons between 4.00pm and 7.00pm and this week it’s the turn of El Clash Combo, Ireland’s first Clash tribute band. Support is from DJ Karl Tsigdinos and all three hours of fun will set you back a mere fiver!


Alternative Social Club At Toner’s (Facebook)



Margaret Heffernan, Dunnes Stores CEO

Don”t make Margaret angry.

Too late.

It is understood store workers were told to turn up for work on Friday morning but that they would be doing so “behind closed doors”. Management were unable to provide them with details of what would happen from then on.
Betty Dillon, Mandate’s divisional organiser for the southeast, said the mood after the meeting was bleak.
There is absolutely huge upset. There are members of staff going around crying, terribly distraught, terribly upset,” she said.
“[They were told] it would close until further notice. I believe at this point in the evening notices have gone up on the doors to say this store is now closed.”

Dunnes Stores ‘shock’ decision to close Gorey store (Irish Times)

Previously: They’ve Only Gone And Dunnes

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