Ukraine Says Russian Forces Lead Major New Offensive in East (New York Times)


On last night’s Tonight with Dearbhail McDonald (top), Dearbhail was joined by Ali Selim (Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland), Carol Hunt (Sunday Independent) and solicitor Kevin Brophy.

The discussion turned to polygamy and its role in Islam.

Note the subtle shaking of the head at 0:11 and wide-eyed disbelief at 0:39.

Watch in full here.


Scooperman writes:

“I know you don’t normally do this but I came home from the Sligo Fleadh in a misty haze of confusion, minus this drum [above]. It owes me nothing at this stage but the wife bought it for me so I’m under pressure to get it back. Any help greatly appreciated.”



Do you like music?

Do you listen to the lyrics?

READ on.

Robert writes:

“I am working on a video project (with others) where we are creating a montage of examples of excellence in Irish (non traditional) music lyrics….we are  fashioning the snatches of songs in interesting font, etc……this is where you come in. Have your readers any suggestions of bits of [Irish-made] songs that we should include…maybe some off the beaten track?  Everyone credited. Thank you…”


UPDATE: Robert adds: “..would it be possible to include the names of the writers of the songs also if that is available.”