Maybe a little.


NiallC, of Dublin-based ‘creative solutions facility’ Noho writes:

“TODAY is the actual 1000 anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf. Here’s a short film we made, currently running in Dublinia as part of an exhibition on the battle there: Hopefully it gives a good (and historically accurate) view of how the city would have looked on this day 1000 years ago.”



Via Dublin Airport:

The ‘Out of the Marvellous’ Heaney tapestry being hung in T2 last night for today’s unveiling by Paul Simon.”

Up close?


The tapestry was paid for by a group of the poet’s admirers, including Paul Simon and U2 lead singer, Bono. It was designed by Czech artist Peter Sís and features lines from Heaney’s poem Lightenings VIII.”

Couldn’t find an Irish artist to do that?


Seamus Heaney: Paul Simon takes part in Dublin tribute (BBC)