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The trigger-happy winners and infinitesimally off-target runners up of last Friday’s Do You Feel Lucky? competition.

The two soon-to-be proud owners of Cathryn Lavery’s superb limited edition Filmography Of Guns print (with collector’s book) are:
Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 00.06.43 Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 00.06.15
Special mention (but, sadly, no print ) to:

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 00.07.33 Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 00.07.01

To claim your prize (copes and Mark), please send your mailing address to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie and we’ll arrange to have your prints forwarded to you in the coming days.

Many thanks to everyone who gave it a shot.

Gave it a shot.

Ah, suit yourselves.


James Keating writes:

I put together a video of last year’s Inspire a Generation film competition for Reachout.com. They’re still looking for entries to this year’s and the videos that are made for the competition focus on ways to get through tough times. I believe you shared the winner of the 2012 competition. Which I lost. But I digress. Entries are, for now, just a pitch for a two minute film idea, and shortlisted entries go on and make theirs. There’s quite a nice prize of €2,000 quid too


Care fore golf at all?

Wood you like to go to the Irish Open 2014 at Fota Island Resort in County Cork?

The Irish Open has given us one pair, yes, ONE pair of passes, for a day of your choice to go see amusing-trousered wild thing John Daly and recently declared 100% Irish beef Rory McIlroy.

To win the passes, simply complete the following

“I would like to take___________ to the Irish Open this weekend because____________________”

Lines MUST close at 5:15 pm 7:15 pm 9 pm


Congratulations Harchibald. The Good Helen won but can’t go, so by default you’re on the way to the Irish Open as best runner-up.

Thanks all.

Tickets here and children under 16 are free if accompanied.

smith-1smith-2 smith-8
Three of the sixty finalists shortlisted from 50,000 submissions to the 11th Annual Smithsonian Magazine Photo Competition

Above: Americana category – A champion bucks a champion at the  Helmville Rodeo Montana, by Carol Lynne Fowler (September 2013); Natural World category – an Eastern screech owl at Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia by Graham McGeorge (April 2013) and in the Altered Images category ‘Babylon’ by Dina Bova  (October 2013).

See all 60 finalists here.



Would you like to spend Valentine’s night with these three gentlemen and their friends?

We have one pair of tickets  – yes a PAIR  – to see Leinster this Friday night at the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin when they host the Newport Gwent Dragons.

Included will be a blue-themed ‘best dressed ladies’ competition and a roving ‘kiss cam’ with ‘spot prizes’ on offer.

It doesn’t get more romantic, in fairness.

To enter, just complete this verse

Roses are red, Leinster play in blue, I want the tickets_____________________

Lines close at 4:45pm.

Leinster Rugby


Let’s get this Christmas party started.

We have one (yes ONE) case, that’s 48 bottles of McGargles beer to give away.

It’s a gateway to craft.


You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your beer..

Or who YOU give it to

Just complete this sentence

Please send a case of McGargles to _____________because he/she__________________

Lines close at 4pm.

McGargles Irish Family Brewers

No cash, favours, ‘six packs’, etc were given for this post other than the prize.



Runners up:

Monkeyman: “Please send a case of McGargles to my daughters granny Eileen (mother in law) because she will be unbearable on christmas day without a fiery brew to cancel out her bitter but well rounded ‘charm’.”

J: “Please send a case of McGargles to my better half, because he really is that. He does the all the early morning shifts and bedtime routine with our cracked in the head toddler, plus he’ll need something to numb the pain while he’s been used as a toddler climbing frame.”

FergusMc: “Please send a case of McGargles to Carrie from Homeland because she is a complete gimp. I’m glad I got that off my chest.”

Thirsty:Please send a case of McGargles to my sister Sarah because she’ll be home to Dublin from New York next week for her wedding and part of our ploy to get herself and her husband to be to move back permanently is to convince them that Irish beer really can compete with the offering in the US!”


Dangerfield:Please send a case of McGargles to my brother’s husband because he used to drink swill but since they moved to Canada he’s moved onto craft beers so he needs something locally brewed to keep his thirst quenched while he’s home for the holliers and dealing with his gaggle of crazy sisters.”

Thanks all

prizeA licence?

For software?


Would you like to impress your small business-owning boss (should you have one)?

Prepare to snivel.

We have two – yes, just TWO – 1 year licenses to Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium, worth €150 EACH to give way as part of the #getitdoneIRL  project, a Microsoft Ireland Small Businesses initiative.

Darragh writes:

It has all the features and programmes of Office, with the benefit of it being ‘in the cloud’, so it’s available wherever there is an internet. There’s also business-class email, a public website, web conferencing, and document sharing – all easy to manage, without IT expertise.

Perfect for anyone that has an old (or dodgy) copy of Office and would like an upgrade, sez Karl.

To enter, just complete this sentence.

My boss/small business needs this because our current programme cannot____________________

Lines close at 6pm SHARP.


Meanwhile, there are over €5,000 worth of prizes being given out today between #getitdoneIRL, the Microsoft Ireland Facebook page, the Microsoft Ireland Work Smart LinkedIn Group. See who is winning what here.

No tickets, favours, Microsoft products were given for this post.