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An excellent 2013 short by Scottish filmmaker Ross Hogg focussing on the diverse human interactions played out among fans watching sport.


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A choreographed display by FC Copenhagen fans showing the destruction of the stadium of rivals Brøndby prior to kickoff in a match between the two.

Brøndby fans will no doubt respond with an equally excoriating First World War themed ice-capade.

Slightly longer version with alternative angles here.



An exhibition entitled 36 Ventilators, 4.7m3 Packing Chips by Swiss artist Zimoun inside the windows of the Museo d’Arte di Lugano in Switzerland against which large fans blow clouds of packaging peanuts.

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One Direction Announce First UK & Ireland Tour (MTV)

Outside the 02 in Dublin this afternoon before the arrival of boyband One Direction, including obligatory Irish member Niall Horan:

(Sam Boal/Photocall ireland)