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Behold: the Holmsland Dune House, designed by Studio Viktor Sørless: perched on an isolated stretch of the Danish coast: an elevated, formed concrete cruciform, each wing of which points in one of the four cardinal directions.

Inspired by the 2010 Roman Polanski film ‘The Ghost Writer’, the combined effect of the changing light and the building’s extensive glazing is designed to create cinematic panoramas of the windswept coast as requested by the owner, an “absolute cineaste”.


Behold: the Naustet Stokkøya Boathouse on the island of Stokkøya in northern Norway.

A traditional minimalist spruce cabin fitted out in modern Scandinavian style with a luxurious kitchen (where you can either cook or leave it to a gourmet chef), sauna, hot tub, outside grill and local beach access. Four loft sleeping platforms suspended below the ceiling offer skylight views of the sunset, dawn, Aurora and what have you.

You book the whole place for €1000 a night.


Behold: the Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel – a vertiginous five-tiered vision on the upper face of Preikestolen (‘Pulpit Rock’) 600 meters above Norway’s Lysefjord.

Every year, 200,000 visitors flock to Preikestolen to take in the spectacular view. Architectural design studio Hayriatak envisages an exclusive vantage where guests can take in the sights from rounded balconies and the glass walls of an infinity pool cantilevered over the fjord.


The wonderful creations of sculptor Ted Lott – stripped back elements of modern architecture constructed using a bandsaw as a scaled sawmill to generate miniature pieces of wood and other proportioned raw materials which he builds into items of found and vintage furniture. These, sez he:

…point to the complex interaction of necessity, artistry, economy, function and beauty present in the original objects, while highlighting the possibilities of transformation and growth that are a requirement for the continuation and evolution of life.

Now for yeh.


Behold: 1 Colombia Island, off the Manhattan coast in Long Island Sound – a 523 square metre 1940s residence with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, spacious living area and kitchen with polished concrete floors and exposed brick walls throughout.

Virtually self-sustaining, with solar panels and its own desalination plant, the insular property also includes a rooftop deck with views of the skyline of New York City (30 minutes away by boat) and ownership of the nearby 3-acre Pea Island.

Yours for a mere €11,500,000.


‘Inception’-style visions of Russian cities by Vladimir-based production studio Lestnica – each one anchored by a single architectural feature around which the surrounding cityscape fans outward and upward in melon-twisting fashion.

A software algorithm was applied to cameras in semi-automatic mode to produce thousands of test images from which dozens of hours of work yielded the final composites.

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