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The latest iteration of a project begun in 2015 by Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba – cats (on glass beneath coloured backgrounds) shot from below, in this case, competitors at the International Cat Show in Kaunas.

More at his website.

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Oh, wait now.

Hyperrealistic ‘water-filled plastic bags’ formed from glass by artist Dylan Martinez. to wit:

To begin, Martinez sculpts the solid glass or “water” that appears within each bag. Next, he adds a blown bubble to the top which is then smoothed out before he begins to hand sculpt each fold and wrinkle. Once complete, the sculpture is placed in an annealing oven at 510° C and allowed to cool for 120 hours.


Impossibly delicate looking sculptures by Eunsuh Choi who uses a technique called ‘flameworking’ to create the lattices of thin borosilicate rods and the forms that run through them

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kiva-1 kiva-1-1kiva-3 kiva-3-1 kiva-2 kiva-2-1kiva-4 kiva-401

The extraordinary work of glass artist Kiva Ford, by day a manufacturer of specialised glass lab equipment, by night, the creator of curious handmade vessels redolent of hybrid mythological and natural scenes.

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900DSC_04321 900-sketchup-konstruktion-900wurfel-2 wurfel-1

Emergence Lab – an anamorphic sculpture by artist Thomas Medicus featuring six handpainted images spread across 216 laser-cut acrylic glass strips inside a large translucent cube.

The cube is filled with silicone oil to simulate the appearance of solid glass. Each image aligns when that side of the cube is viewed head on.