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Ah here.

CCTV footage (via the Vintners Federation of Ireland) from Judge Roy Beans, Newbridge, County Kildare on June 22 shows a person taking a shard of glass from beneath her top then placing it in her mouth before pretending to choke.

Vivian Carroll, owner of Judge Roy Beans says:

“Sadly, this is typical of what I and many other publicans face on a weekly basis. It’s clear from the footage that after hiding glass in her clothes this person then deliberately places it in her mouth. She told a member of staff the glass was in her food, which was obviously not the case.”



Oh, wait now.

Hyperrealistic ‘water-filled plastic bags’ formed from glass by artist Dylan Martinez. to wit:

To begin, Martinez sculpts the solid glass or “water” that appears within each bag. Next, he adds a blown bubble to the top which is then smoothed out before he begins to hand sculpt each fold and wrinkle. Once complete, the sculpture is placed in an annealing oven at 510° C and allowed to cool for 120 hours.