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This morning.

CAP national strategic plans will fail to deliver on EU Green Deal environmental and climate objectives (Birdlife)

Our Insect overlords.

Are they multiplying?

Tipperary-based apple farmer and horticulturist Cornelius Traas writes:

I Had a van driver delivering to me yesterday. His van was covered in squashed insects (see above). He said he hasn’t seen the likes in 25 years. I was noticing the same a few days ago.

Our chat ensued about how this was mostly just because many less vehicles on the road at the moment. Then we went on to discuss how many more are probably now surviving due to less traffic. And then to how much of a factor traffic is in insect decline.

And conversation then went to possibly mathematically modelling the contribution of traffic to loss of insect life in Ireland. Always felt it was a major factor. This looks like evidence.


laraInstitute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) graduate Lara Hanlon has won the Shenzhen Design Award, a Unesco project for sustainable design ideas by people under the age of 35.

Lara’s theme?

“éntomo, a food brand and online resource.”


“…that encourages people to explore insects as a new, sustainable food source.”


Oh yes.

entomoThat’s probably the most disgNOMNOMNOM


Shenzen Design Award

Thanks Annie West

A branding concept for Copenhagen fashion store PARISTEXAS by Danish design agency Scandinavian Design Lab what sez:

With this contrast-filled universe, the solution seeks not only to break with the traditional perception of beauty and fashion – it also challenges the classic approach to working with identity. The primary identity element is not only a logo, but also a symbolic universe with a life of its own.

Fair enough so.


Spring is arriving earlier each year and it is turning the tight relationships between birds, trees and insects on their head.

The amount of change is significant, said Dr Alison Donnelly of Trinity College Dublin’s Centre for the Environment. Beech trees growing on Valentia Island, Co Kerry, now begin breaking leaf a full month earlier than they did 40 years ago, she said.

Birds that migrate from the sub-Sahara now tend to arrive about seven days earlier than in the past, including the common cuckoo, bard swallow and sand martin. But this is late compared to their main food source, the insects, whose numbers rocket weeks earlier as they feed on sap delivered by the opening leaves.

Have you spotted any anomalous bird, insect or tree behaviour?

All ‘What the hell is up with this bird/insect/tree, Broadsheet?’ sightings to: broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

Warm Spring Upsets Links Between Birds, Insects And Trees (Irish Times)


US sculptor and modeller, Mike Libby customises real (dead) insects with antique watch parts and other mechanical components to create the unique, delicate, unsettling steampunk cyborgs you see above.

His work has been exhibited alongside that of Damien Hirst and Dorothy Cross and the tiny clockwork corpses sell online from $600 to $1200 each.

Insect Lab