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The NOT AT HOME project will first be presented as a live theatre installation at the Dublin Fringe Festival this September.

Grace Dyas and Emma Fraser present the issue of travelling abroad to access abortion services and is based on testimony gathered from women around Ireland that have had this experience .

Grace and Emma took to Liverpool where they recorded audio and video of the journey and the people they met on the way to the clinic there.

Grace Dyas speaking at the launch of the Dublin Fringe, said:

As the conversation around abortion access gets closer to a referendum next year, the divide between those on both sides continues to deepen and become more entrenched.

As that gap widens, the space for calm and thoughtful articulation of women’s lived experiences gets smaller and smaller.

We are developing NOT AT HOME as a calm, inclusive way to reclaim some of that space for the thousands of women who have travelled and will travel before the current regime is changed….

The project is continuing its appeal to women who have travelled abroad to access abortion services to submit their stories via the project’s website These stories can be submitted anonymously or otherwise.

Not At Home

Dublin Fringe Festival 2017

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A look behind the mask of the real life Dark Knight, Stephen ‘Brampton Batman’ Lawrence, directed by Ryan Freeman of Lossless Creative.


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For the eve that’s in it.

A revealing, non-partisan documentary by American filmmaker Ryan Scafuro (formerly John Stewart’s DOP on The Daily Show) who captures the slowly changing mood of a young crowd watching last November’s US election in a London pub.



A documentary about Ireland’s longest-running ice-cream van.

Writes Colin Brady:

For anyone who grew up in South Dublin, or who have kids or even grandkids in the area, there’s one face (and sound) you’ll always be happy to come across.

For the last 49 years Mr.Ripple has been playing the same old tune around Dublin, to the excitement of kids and for the memories of generations.

Mr Ripple is a short documentary following ice-cream man John Taylor during one of his daily rounds. Originally working the mines in Wales, he moved to Dublin around 50 years ago and started selling ice-cream.

At 75 he’s still driving each day with his route taking him to around areas in South Dublin, making him (presumably) Ireland’s oldest ice cream man.


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