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There is a chronic shortage of chefs in Ireland, restaurant owners say

This afternoon.

Via RTÉ news:

Four in ten tourism and hospitality workers claiming the Pandemic Unemployment Payment did not return to their pre-pandemic employers, with many moving sectors and others returning to their home countries abroad.

“The pandemic has had a profound impact on the industry’s skill base, with a mass exodus of workers into other industries that reopened earlier,” said Paul Kelly, chief executive of Fáilte Ireland.

The issues are particularly acute among chefs, with 88% of employers reporting they are having “considerable difficulty” recruiting them.

Estimated 40,000 vacancies in tourism sector (RTE)



6a00d8341c5dea53ef0192abd08d65970d-piA new sock line by American chef and offal specialist, Chris Cosentino whose publicist sez:

Mr. Cosentino’s socks, called Meat Feet, are patterned like mortadella, prosciutto, and sopressata. ‘We put salami meat in a casing. Casings are kind of like socks,’ says Mr. Cosentino…. ‘How funny is that?’


$33 for the ‘three-pack sampler’ above.