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Artist’s impression of the council-approved site for a €22million white-water rafting course at George’s Dock on the North Quay in Dublin

Dear Children,

I know we promised to extend the house so that you wouldn’t have to live in the shed any more but we have decided to build a swimming pool for you instead.

As members of the family you will only have to pay a small fee to use it.

Your loving father and mother.

Cathal Loughney,

Dublin 4.

White-water rafting plan for the capital (The Irish Times letters page)

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This evening.

Aidan Regan tweetz:

Just cycled the entire length of the quays, from the IFSC to Heuston station.

What an absolute nightmare.

I have seen better cycle infrastructure in the poorest of the poorest part of the city centre in Eastern Europe.

It’s a miracle someone has not been killed biking here.

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Monday night.

On Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin city.

Coats and jackets were displayed for people to take (and drop off) as part of an initiative by a Facebook group called Warm For Winter.

They say:

“Warm For Winter is about helping the people most in need during the hard winter months. The pictures will give you an idea of how this works. We hang the clothing up in a suitable dry location that many people in need would know and walk away.”

Warm For Winter

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Dublin Chamber of Commerce announced on Twitter:

White water rafting, anyone? New images have been released to show what the new white water rafting facility, that Dublin City Council is proposing to build in the IFSC, will look like. The project will reportedly cost €22m and take around 18 months to build.

How did that go?




In the Dublin Inquirer, Lois Kapila reports:

With Dublin City Council short of money, councillors on the finance committee have agreed to consider a different way to raise cash: civic crowdfunding.

Council to Consider Crowdfunding for City Projects (Dublin Inquirer)

RTÉ’s Agriculture Correspondent Fran McNulty tweetz:

Protesting farmers block the exit to Leinster House in Merrion Square, several Oireachtas members and staff unable to leave.

Ongoing road closures in Dublin says An Garda Síochána. Kevin Street, Cuffe Street, Kildare Street, Merrion Square South, Dawson Street & Merrion Row will remain closed tomorrow as farmer protests continue.

Farmers’ protest causes major disruption in Dublin (RTÉ)

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This afternoon.

Clonshaugh Avenue, Coolock, Dublin 17.

The house where a murder investigation has been opened into the death of a man, in his 20s, who was shot and killed at around 5.15pm last night.

Murder victim had been warned by gardaí life was in danger (RTÉ)



This afternoon.

Balbutcher Lane, Ballymun, Dublin 11.

A Garda spokesperson confirmed that a man’s body was discovered in a container just before 11am this morning. The discovery was made just yards from a local school. Officers are at the scene and have cordoned off the area.

Body of a man discovered in container near school in Ballymun, Co Dublin (The Irish Mirror)


This morning/afternoon.

Fáilte Ireland has defended Dublin from criticism by Mumsnet readers, who have laid into the capital since a thread was opened on the parenting forum on October 20.

Via The Irish Times:

Dublin is drab, expensive and with very little to do for a city purporting to be a major tourism destination, according to readers of one of Britain’s most influential websites.

Mumsnet claims 10 million unique visitors per month clocking up around 100 million page views. Most of its readers are British women.

The tones of the comments were set by the thread header: “Short break: Why is Dublin so bad?”

Fáilte Ireland has disputed the tone of much of the criticism and says that research carried out by the city’s Chamber of Commerce found Dublin has a “strong international reputation” and an “excellent reputation among British people”….

Some 483 responses later and the responses will give tourism interest in the city pause for thought. As any reader of TripAdvisor will attest, there will always be those who grumble even at the best-run tourism attractions, but the volume of complaints about Dublin on Mumsnet is significant….

Dirty, dreary, expensive, nothing to do: British parents give their verdict on Dublin (Ronan McGreevy, irish Times)


Dublin-based, French-Canadian Louis Le Fronde writes:

The truth hurts, but let’s be frank…Dublin doesn’t really have any great attractions. The city centre is full of beggars, the refurbishment of the Grafton Street “Quarter” is unfinished…for no discernible reason.

The people who run the city are devoid of taste, and utterly lacking in imagination. The shops are rubbish, particularly Brown Thomas which has handed over its menswear department downstairs to lads who bring a brick of €5 and €10 notes to pay for the garish clothes last seen in Compton [Los Angeles, California, USA].

The Book of Kells is about as interesting as watching paint dry, and the Guinness Factory as low rent as a second-hand pair of crusty underpants, I could go on…

You’ve said enough.


Pic: Rollingnews

Avalon House, Aungier Street, Dublin 2

Olivia Kelly, in The Irish Times, reports:

Businesses on Aungier Street, Dublin, are to take legal action to stop the opening of the State’s largest homeless hostel for rough sleepers at Avalon House.

The Peter McVerry Trust and the Dublin Region Homeless Executive intend to take over the backpackers’ hostel, above a branch of Starbucks cafe, and use it to provide emergency accommodation for 155 homeless adults.

A lease on the building has been signed by the trust, and the facility is due to open in January. However, local businesses say they will seek a High Court injunction to stop it going ahead.

Dublin businesses seek to stop 155-bed homeless hostel (Olivia Kelly, The Irish Times)


Tonight, from 5pm until 9pm, and tomorrow night, from 11am until 5pm.

At the Copper House Gallery in Dublin 8.

The ‘Sheltered Charity Through The Arts’ exhibition, in aid of the Peter McVerry Trust, will be taking place, to wit:

“Our aim is to raise awareness and much needed funds to help combat adult homelessness and families in crisis in Ireland.

“The event is free and will bring together a collective of established and up-and-coming artists to showcase their work and auction pieces of art. We will also host an online auction.

“In addition to the art, there will be musicians, poets, spoken word and guest speakers over the two days, with an after party taking place at the Hendrick Hotel in Smithfield on the final night.”

Sheltered Charity Through The Arts