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From IDA magazine Innovation Ireland in 2014

This morning.

In The Irish Times, Karlin Lillington writes:

Let’s call it the San Francisco-fication of Dublin.

…The non-stop expansion of the tech sector, especially of multinationals, is a major (though not the only) engine behind these changes.

In comes yet another company, cornering another area of Dublin’s Docklands; up go pricey apartments to accommodate high-salaried employees.

Developers arrange deals to take social and affordable housing requirements off the table, trading them out to already-saturated communities at the edge of Dublin without adequate transport infrastructure.

Then, in a pincer movement, this limited market is further squeezed by landlords who AirBnB their properties…

How Silicon Docks is killing Dublin (Karlin Lillington, The Irish Times)

Pic: IDA Ireland

Mean while…

Today’s iIish Times

Localisation Girls writes:

Whither the role of Irish media and property supplements and ad revenue in tech g-entrification of Dublin…

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‘Really geeked’ about growing eBay in Ireland (irish Times)

A poster from the Department of Justice in a Direct Provision centre in Dublin offering people living at the centre means to travel to Dublin’s LGBTQ Pride this weekend

The Department of Justice has placed posters in some Direct Provision centres in Dublin, telling residents that it will provide transport for those who wish to attend Dublin’s Pride this weekend.

Further to this.

The Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland has tweeted its thoughts on the offer…


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This morning.

On Gardiner Street Lower, Dublin 1.

Ronald Vallenduuk tweetz:

Thank you @dublinbusnews driver, you were most generous. Leaving a third of that narrow cycle lane is clearly more than enough for cyclists…. #FreeTheCycleLanes @IBIKEDublin


Yesterday: Veloh

National Bike Week poster

This week is National Bike Week.

In addition, Dublin is hosting the Velo-City Conference – the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) annual global cycling summit – having last hosted it in 2005.

How’s that going?




Dublin disappoints: what happened to city cycling’s great hope? (The Guardian)

Yesterday: Brave And Foolish

Further to Associate Professor at University College Dublin’s geography department Gerald Mills’s research about the number of trees that will be cut down to make way for the BusConnects programme in Dublin…

Kevin Baker, of Dublin Cycling, has responded…


Yesterday: How Many?

From a report by University College Dublin Geography Associate Professor Gerald Mills

Associate Professor at University College Dublin’s geography department Gerald Mills has found there are more than 4,700 trees growing within a 20m wide corridor along the 16 bus routes earmarked for possible road-widening as part of the BusConnects project.

The project aims to deliver 230kms of dedicated bus lanes and 200kms of cycle tracks along 16 of the busiest roads in Dublin.

A synopsis….

Thousands of trees may face the chop to accommodate BusConnects routes (UCD)

The Irish Examiner reports:

A number of apartments in Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock will be rented out at €3,700 per unit.

A quarter of the 120 apartments have already been snapped up.

The Opus building on Six Hanover Quay is in the heart of the docklands in an area that’s quickly becoming known as Google Town.


New Dublin city apartments will cost €3,700 a month to rent (The Irish Examiner)

New dockland apartments cost €3,700 a month to rent (The Irish Times)