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‘Projection Wall’ by Japanese artist Rintaro Hara – an installation that invites visitors to raise a rope grid from a soapy trough into the path of eight motorised fans with a set of pulleys, generating prismatic bubble sculptures.

Who’d say no to that?

A similar work in 1998 by the same artist entitled ‘Soap Opera’ was inspired by the watery aliens in James Cameron’s The Abyss.


ManHands Soaps ($7 each).

Aren’t you sick of being forced to use all those girly scented soaps? I mean come on, you’re a man. You shouldn’t be smelling like citrus or lavender or apricot. Leave the girly scents for the fairer sex. Guys should be using Man Soap.

Available in 19 manly scents: Bacon, Baseball Glove, Beer, Bonfire, Brewed Coffee, Buttered Popcorn, Cannabis, Cash, Cedar Log Cabin, Democrat, Fresh Cut Grass, Margarita, Muscle Rub, Nag Champa Incense, Obsession Cologne, Red Wine, Republican, Top Soil and – our personal favourite – Urinal Mint.



Tivoli Heights.

We’re hooked.

Shane Langan writes:

DLRCTV is an online series of shorts, created by filmmaker Alex Gill, featuring snippets of content from a fictional South Dublin public access TV station. Today, we’re releasing our soap opera Tivoli Heights’- It’s written by me (Shane Langan from Diet of Worms) and comedian Eric Lalor. It also features myself and the rest of the Worms, along with Eric himself and Sean Flanagan from Foil, Arms and Hog. You can see more of DLRCTV’s output here.