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In today’s Sunday Independent, author and journalist John Waters writes about his experience of Pantigate west of the Shannon and wonders if teh gays would be treated differently in relation to the Croke Park gigs.

Nobody I met had ever tweeted anything, or cared one whit what some drag queen had said about me, or what had happened afterwards.

Most had registered nothing of it, and those who had were even more perplexed – one woman even thinking that someone had accused me of being a homosexual.

On the issue of Garth Brooks in Croke Park, he poses the question:

Ask yourself this: if the performer in question was Elton John, would the same objections be raised?

Searching for the soul of the ‘true’ Ireland … (John Waters, Sunday Independent)

90348592[Leah Farrell (left)  and Ruth Marie Callinan watching Garth yesterday]


What did the Garth hoo ha say about us?

“….Sad, too, is how the bile unleashed at Brooks fans hints at Dublin’s insecurity, that with it becoming more like a mini London – its old-world charm getting pushed out by Facebook, Google and an endless cavalcade of chain stores – we’re left clinging to elitism to justify spending €1,200 (£995) a month on a damp one-bedroom flat. We yearn to feel special – berating Brooks fans creates in us the impression that, no matter how bad things are deep down, at least we’re not as bad as them.
In all, the Garth Brooks saga is indicative of Ireland’s split psyche. His urban haters and rural admirers represent two opposing viewpoints, one as faulty as the other.
There are those who’re happy to embrace the memories that the singer conjures up – the innocence of the 90s and of the past in general, the good times, the drinking and the, “Sure, what harm?” attitude. Then there are those who would rather rip up the last few centuries of Irish history, forget they’ve come from the same dubious stock and start all over again….”

The Garth Brooks Bullshit Defines Ireland (James Nolan, Vice)



Irish Times letters

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)


Two bits from today’s Garth Brooks press conference in Nashville.

“Open it for five nights and let us go to work – don’t sell a show and let people get their hopes up. If the prime minister wants to talk to me I will crawl, swim or fly over to him…”

Garth Brooks.

Orla writes:

“Garth Brooks has just held up a mirror to Ireland and all its shiteousness…”

UPDATE: Aiken Promotions and Dublin City Council agree matinee deal for Brooks concerts (RTE)

UPDATE: Garth Brooks rejects matinee proposal for Croke Park concerts (RTE)

Meanwhile...Ireland’s Garth Brooks Crisis (Washington Post)


Garth Brooks giving US President Barack Obama his 2008 Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream” in 2010

Make it stop.

[Lord Mayor Christy] Burke also said a group of residents from Ballybough in Dublin told him they intend to call on US President Barack Obama to try to encourage Mr Brooks to play in the capital.”

But when contacted by Independent.ie this afternoon, White House spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden confirmed that the President will not be intervening.

“This is an issue we’ll leave it to Mr. Brooks and the City of Dublin to resolve,” she said.

White House: ‘We won’t be getting involved in Garth Brooks fiasco’ (Irish Independent)

Pic: White House