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According to Re/Code, Apple will reveal the new iPhone 6 (with A8 processors, an upgraded OIS camera and a choice of 12cm [4.7in] or 14cm [5.5in] displays, as mocked up alongside the smaller 1Phone5 above) at a special event on the 9th of September. The new generation phones will probably be available 10 days later.


(Image: MacRumors)

26/06/2013. Colm Keaveney Resigns as chairman and



Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

The ‘reason-insultingly powerful’ WOS2 (Wall Of Sound) iPhone speaker – the most powerful iPhone speaker in the world and quite possibly the most powerful single speaker on the market.

The 1600W 1m x 1.7m x 0.4m monster, handmade in Sweden, has 36 speaker elements and two subwoofers controlled by a dedicated app.

So far, only two have been made but the company is currently taking orders for a full release in early 2014. Prices will start at €5,100.

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