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A social media profile [on Myspace (!)] of the alleged shooter (top centre) [named as Chris Madeupname Harper Mercer, top centre], contains a video featuring archive footage of the IRA, a number of images of IRA members in military uniform and a reference to an edition of An Phoblacht magazine.

Seems legit and entirely credible and not fake at all.


Oregon gunman identified by US media (RTÉ)

Oregon Gunman Was IRA Supporter (Sunday World)


From top: Noirin O’Sullivan, Enda Kenny and Joan Burton

This morning.

Government buildings, Merrion Street,. Dublin

The Garda Commissioner, Tanaiste and Taoiseach leave a meeting held to discuss the existence of the IRA  and in particular Noirin O’Sullivan’s ‘letter of comfort‘ regarding the organisation’s status.

Seemed to go well.

(Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie)


Sinn Féin Finance Spokesman Pearse Doherty promoting Saturday’s Right 2 Water demonstration yesterday

Further to controversy regarding the IRA’s alleged involvement in the killing of Kevin McGuigan

“Micheál Martin was minister for foreign affairs at a time when we were negotiating the policing and justice powers; none of these issues were raised by him. Yet he goes on to make outlandish claims that the IRA . . . not only does their structure still exist, but that they are involved in racketeering, criminality; which the PSNI say themselves is simply untrue.

“Former volunteers still exist, they didn’t all pass away, they didn’t all leave the island, they are still there involved in Sinn Féin, some of them are involved in the GAA, some of them are involved in community groups, some are getting on with their lives.

I am sure on occasion they sit down and have a drink or meet at an event but is that a meeting of the IRA? No it is not. The IRA have gone, they have left the stage, they have disbanded, they have put the weapons out of use and that happened 10 years ago.”

Pearse Doherty TD

McGuigan crisis is ‘fake’, says Pearse Doherty (Sarah Bardon, Irish Times)

(Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie)


London-based The Irish World, on sale tomorrow


Of their cover story, Irish World editor Bernard Purcell writes:

We know how necessary creative ambivalence and polite fictions have been to the peace process/political process and it is clear that a great many people – if by no means all – have made their accommodation, or peace, with that.

But when we tried to get a straightforward answer – yes or no, or yes and no – to two simple questions posed by email and by telephone to their respective press departments: Is the IRA intact and still active? Does it pose a threat to people in the UK and Ireland? we found that not one single agency or participant in the process – of the handful who did reply – could give us an answer.

We asked Downing Street, the Home Office, MI5, the Northern Ireland Office, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Metropolitan Police, the US Embassy, an Garda Siochana, the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the All–Party Parliamentary Group on Irish in Britain and…Sinn Féin.

Those who did reply were Foreign Affairs, PSNI, US Consulate General in Belfast and the Gardai. The Gardai and the US Consulate told us it was a matter for the local police, the PSNI.

Foreign Affairs gave, understandably and predictably, a lengthy nuanced reply which did not actually answer the question with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

That evening, after a day of trying to get a response from the NIO, North Secretary Theresa Villiers, backing her PSNI Chief Constable’s nuanced, balanced take on recent events affected to be not at all surprised the IRA still exists and is active – albeit in a non-terrorist capacity.

Still haven’t head from Sinn Féin…or the MPs whose all-party committee purports to represent Irish people in Britain….

The Irish World


In Carmel, California.

Joe Langlan writes:

Walked into a nice bar (an Irish bar called Brophy’s) in a nice town in California (Carmel) just now, read the cocktail list and my jaw literally dropped open.

I suppose we can have Al Qaeda cocktails in American bars at home so..

Would blow the head off you in fairness.


An improvised grenade launcher claimed by the ‘IRA’ to have been used to attack the PSNI in North Belfast

Police officers guarding a notorious interface say they have been left like “sitting ducks” following a surge in dissident republican attacks, including a recent rocket attack.

It is claimed the police presence between Ardoyne and Twaddell Avenue in north Belfast has been scaled back in recent months because of budget pressures on the PSNI.

One officer said while patrolling the area they feel their every move is being watched by dissidents and they fear further attempts on their lives.

A senior police officer said the PSNI was making every effort to protect both its officers and the public.

On Sunday evening a man ran out of Brompton Park with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher before firing it at a PSNI Land Rover close to the loyalist camp at Twaddell.

The lethal device passed through the vehicle’s outer skin but ricocheted off heavier armour on the driver’s side. The officers inside were badly shaken but uninjured.

It was the third attempt to murder police officers at the interface in the past year.

Police: we’re sitting ducks (Chris Kilpatrick, Belfast Telegraph) [not currently available online]


Brian writes:

You’ll remember that the glorious leader promised a debate this week on the subject of IRA abuse claims? Well, this week’s Oireachtas schedule shows no such thing.
Puzzled, I rang the FG press office and spoke to a nice young man called Stephen who told me the debate would take place next week as they were having trouble framing the language as the issue was ‘legally sensitive’. Further to this, I was informed by another source within Leinster House that the debate was pulled from the schedule last week directly after a cabinet meeting attended by the Attorney General. I rang back the FG press office to see if I could get this confirmed and funny enough, no answer.