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Behold: 1 Colombia Island, off the Manhattan coast in Long Island Sound – a 523 square metre 1940s residence with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, spacious living area and kitchen with polished concrete floors and exposed brick walls throughout.

Virtually self-sustaining, with solar panels and its own desalination plant, the insular property also includes a rooftop deck with views of the skyline of New York City (30 minutes away by boat) and ownership of the nearby 3-acre Pea Island.

Yours for a mere €11,500,000.


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The 133km x 45km island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean, 220 miles from Yemen (of which it is part) is a UNESCO-certified World Natural Heritage Site.

 Limited rainfall means that inverted umbrella shaped, red sapped  Dragon Blood trees and giant succulents like Cucumber trees abound in a terrain 30% of whose plantlife grows nowhere else but here.


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Floating Piers – an undulating pathway on Italy’s Lake Iseo created by artists Christo and jean-Claude.

100,000 square meters of shimmering yellow fabric supported by 220,000 high density polyethylene cubes connecting the streets of  Sulzano and Peschiera Maraglio to Monte Isola and the island of San Paolo.

The installation remains in place until July 3rd.


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Elliðaey island on the Vestmannaeyjar peninsula off southern Iceland. Three hundred years ago the island was home to five families who subsisted by fishing, hunting puffins and raising cattle.

By the 1930s, the last of their descendents left Elliðaey but a single cabin built in 1953 has been the subject of much speculation.

Not the home of Bjork or an eccentric hermit billionaire, as previously thought, it’s actually a sauna and shelter owned by modern day puffin hunters.